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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 72,856

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Fall is my favorite time of year.

We had a lovely red sky this morning. Since I'm not on the water, I can say that.

Shout out to all the sailors out there, take care.

If anything, racism breeds blindness...


It really does. It starts at childhood and can keep a person blind deep into adulthood. When someone belongs to the privileged group for which racism serves, it creates both an unwillingness to address the conditions from which they benefit and elicit feelings of being targeted whenever the subject is brought up, no matter how innocuously.

Not once did I ask them to take responsibility for the content of the racist cartoons that they said that they've enjoyed as a child. They personalized those cartoons all on their own.

Not once did I tell them that they being racist in their responses. Yet, they expressed offense at being called "racist," when the accusation never ever lodged against them.

Not once did ask them for anything. I only expected honest responses and I only received one, while the rest remained as blind as ever.

Yes, eventually I did get one of them to admit that he/she didn't care about the patently offensive content of classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny. Even if this same person denied that the exchange was somewhat heated while they were busy hurling expletives my way.

But that's just another fine example of denial, is it not? Isn't blindness the form of denial that's taking place here?

Of course, it is.

I had read on the DisC. last night, some guy who had accused Obama of "grabbing guns."

Or at least an attempt by the President, it was hard to figure out what I was reading because it was so incoherent.

Anyway, I had absolutely no idea what he wrote about or when this supposed "grab" had allegedly happened. So, I decided to Google it.

Oooo, boy.

Needless to say, I came across one crazed website after another. I saw videos of old, decrepit white men holding up handguns in front of their cameras and apoplectically railing on in fits of utter incoherence and paranoia about "Gun-grabbing, Muslims, abortions and gays." I came across various blogs that are still up, talking about conducting last May's failed "Operation American Spring" demonstration in DC to take down the government. I saw the responses in the aftermath of that demonstration, full of recriminations, finger pointing and despair, over its utterly feeble failure to achieve it's stated purpose to remove President Obama forcibly from office.

They were expecting ten million "patriots," masses of unarmed militias to take Washington DC by storm. ("Ten million" people INSIDE of Washington DC? ) There were barely a hundred of them who showed up that day, frantically waving misspelled signs and Gadsen flags, in spite of looking, well… quite disappointed.

Turns out that the general excuse was that it rained pretty heavily on the first day of the event. So it seems that Oxygen inhalers and Rascal Scooters can't handle that sort of abuse. Probably would have voided the warranties as well.

But all-in-all, I saw mass right wing hysteria of biblical proportions, minus the dogs and cats sleeping together, of course. And I saw all of this in just FIVE MINUTES of looking for this supposed "gun grab," of which I don't think that any proof of such even exists.

SO my first and only question is, who the fuck were all of those crazy motherfuckers and why, for Gawd's sake, aren't they being chased down by men wearing white suits and carrying butterfly nets?

Answers, anybody? Don't mind me if I don't respond right away, I'm disinfecting my iMac with Lysol, so I'll get back to you in a while.

Beatles Humor...

Bad advice: Share yours

- Always say the first thing that pops into your head, don't bother thinking about it beforehand. Everyone will appreciate how candid you are.

- The best time to procrastinate is right before you procrastinate. It's like a doppler effect.

- Try to mix your metaphors like you would toss a salad.

- A stitch in time can repair the fabric of space.

- Leap before you look and appreciate all of the newly discovered scenery on your way down,

Your turn now.

Meow (Translated: "Want!")

Action Candidate - Circa 1976

Know your One Percenters...

Halloween is coming: Let's Dance

Halloween is coming: Get ready to get your pumpkin spice on!

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