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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,034

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We didn't see you there...

Your choice of fonts is crucial...

Some days you're out to catch fish...

Other days the fish are out to catch you.


Movie Trailer for "The Machine"

Quick, I need to know how to stop an extradition from Guatemala

If I can't can't get any answers really soon, you probably won't be hearing from me for a while.


Harry BLEW UP!

Is George Zimmerman the kind of person that you'd hang out with?

You know, have some beers with him, watch the game, have as a co-worker, a neighbor, someone who's freely gravitating in your own environment? Would you feel safe with him around?

Or, is George Zimmerman someone that you'd want to be as far from as possible... The kind of person who raises your concern for caution and safety no matter where he is? Would you feel unsafe with him around?

I'm sure you can figure out my own position.

One is more than likely to find a white conservative using drugs than any SNAP recipient...

But only one of these two get to write the laws.

See the problem here?

George Zimmerman is most likely an undiagnosed sociopath… With blood already on his hands

Of course, one should caution not to perform psychological diagnoses on people by remote, and especially if one is not a trained professional… But it doesn't take a Carl Jung to figure out that there is something really wrong with him. Now I'm not going to say, without a doubt, that the man is by all means a sociopath, I will say that the things that are on the record that he has said and done which does coincide with a clear description of sociopathic tendencies.

Such as:

Displays heightened levels of deceitfulness in dealings with others, which involves lying, conning others without remorse, or even using aliases
Inability to abide by the social norms and thus violating law
Displays aggressiveness and often tends to get into assaults and physical fights
Displays complete lack of empathy for others and their situation for which they are responsible
Displays no feelings or shallow feelings

Displays impulsive behavior which is indicated by the inability to plan for the future
Displays no concern for safety of others around them or self
Inability to sustain a consistent behavior that stems mainly from irresponsibility especially at work place or in other dealings
Displays promiscuous behavior

Read more http://depressiond.com/sociopath-sociopathic-personality-disorder/

I put in bold the things that I've observed.

The best thing, by far, was the fact that the judge at his hearing ordered that his guns are to be removed from him. Not to mention the order to stay away from his "girlfriend."

But, if he's further able to walk the streets it'll only be a matter of time before he glibly puts someone else's life in jeopardy. It's plainly obvious that Zimmerman is a ticking time bomb.

What is most troubling is that there is very little that anyone thinks that they can do about him.
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