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KING: Black teen James Means shot and killed by white man who called him another piece of trash


James Means.

You will know this name. Tragically, it now belongs in the ever-increasing roll call of unarmed black victims of racial violence.

On this past Monday evening, outside of a Dollar General Store in Charleston, West Virginia, 15-year-old James Means, was shot and killed by William Ronald Pulliam, 62, police said.

Means, like Emmett Till and Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin before him, did nothing to ever even warrant a confrontation from Pulliam. Witnesses claim that what set Pulliam off was that Means accidentally bumped into him while entering the store.

After Pulliam left the store, the two exchanged words a second time, and Pulliam shot the teen twice in the abdomen, leaving him to die, then proceeded to go home, eat dinner, then go hang out at a friend's house, according to a criminal complaint.


Everybody bookmark this shit and we'll come back to it in two years to see how he does...


(CNN)Two weeks after Election Day, most Americans say President-elect Donald Trump will ultimately do a good job as president, though fewer approve of the way he's handled the transition so far, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll.

A narrow majority (53%), say they think Trump will do a very or fairly good job as president, and 40% say they have a lot of confidence in Trump to deal with the economy, a share that outpaces the percentage who had that much confidence in Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan ahead of their first inaugurations.

That perception comes as majorities think Trump will achieve several of the goals outlined during his campaign as top priorities. Nearly three-quarters say Trump is likely to repeal and replace Obamacare, two-thirds think he will renegotiate NAFTA and 6 in 10 say he'll create good-paying jobs in economically challenged areas. Separately, 63% say they expect the economy to be in good shape a year from now, the highest share to say so since September 2012.

Americans are more divided over whether Trump will "drain the swamp" and reduce the amount of corruption in Washington (51% think that's likely), defeat ISIS (50% see that as likely) or build a wall along the border with Mexico (48% see that as likely).
All told, 66% say a Trump presidency will bring change to the country, but just 43% say it will be change for the better, twenty points below the 63% who thought Obama would bring change for the better in November 2008. That share has dropped precipitously among independents (from 88% for Obama to 60% for Trump), and among Democrats, even when compared to Republican ratings of Obama (49% of Republicans thought Obama would bring change for the better, just 22% of Democrats say that about Trump).

That is, of course, if he's not impeached within the next two years. Considering the fact that the GOPrs probably wouldn't impeach his ass if all he did at the State of the Union address was stand behind the podium and eat a baby, he'll probably be around to compare the numbers.

A friendly reminder...

President Donald J. Trump needs to fight everyday in the White House...

No matter how small or insignificant, or even truthful the criticism, he should focus like a laser beam against all of his critics, be they world leaders, entire states or cities, entire ethnic groups and religions, whole genders or even a single 14 year old school child, President Trump needs to fight back.

And he should use everything at his disposal as President to fight his critics, from behind the presidential podium, on TV, on the radio, on Twitter, by jumping up and down on the Oval Office carpet, by holding his breath until his face turns blue, by pouting, bitching, moaning and whining, that's how he can show the world how presidential he truly is. He knows all the best things, how dare any of us peons question his grand wisdom and intellect?

And we all need to make sure that we've got access to social media and TV cameras, just to share and document whatever he tries to do for us. Everyone needs to know, right?

But why stop there?

He deserves respect, the respect that one would give a petty, thin-skinned tyrant, of course. The insincere applause, the fake smile, the self-serving handshake, throw as much slime on it as you can in order to show much you appreciate what he's doing to the country. Add some influence to that respect. But most of all, document it... Tax filings and all kinds of public records would be a perfect way to show him (and federal investigators) how much one cares for him and his time in the Oval Office.

He'll love that.

And Donald Trump needs to show the world how easily he does the job of the nation's business. He should visit as many of his own golf courses and hotels as possible. Not just during his urgent visits to world hotspots like Pebble Beach and Aberdeen, Scotland, but also during the time while he's in the Oval Office. We need to see him napping on the couch, not a care in the world, because all is right in the world with The Donald in charge.

His likeminded staff should follow his sterling, even-keeled example, with as much loyalty to his cult of personality as possible. And they shouldn't let anything stand in their way, not those tired old ideas like the Separation of Powers and the Oath of Office... Chuck it to the side if there are opportunities to be made, rivals and critics to be slayed, and emotions to be frayed. It's good to be the king... Uh, I mean The President.

And we all know that he's a family man, he should share as much is his time with his kids from three different wives, who are all helping their dad conduct the nation's business, because what's good for the Donald J. Trump brand is good for America, right? And he should also be seen scouting for wife number four, He's a man and he has needs, doesn't he? Why bother holding back? This is all the while the First Trophy Wife, Melania is slaving away in her cozily hot, gilded kitchen in the penthouse of New York's Trump Tower. We can't wait the hear about her favorite cookie recipe, I'm sure.

And every single day, as President Donald is napping and golfing and tweeting against his mean, mean critics, calling them "stupid" and "losers" and stuff, I'm quite sure that he'll reassure the American people with his proposals to explode the debt and deficit, increase inflation, rattle some sabers, renegotiate and violate long standing bi-partisan driven policies, both foreign and domestic with a dazzling array of empty, unconstitutional and utterly inadequate proposals and wet dreams... Especially, ones that are completely contradictory, because everyone needs to see him work outside the box. Campaign promises? Returning jobs? A wall, paid for by Mexico?

Let's take him at his word... Give him as much rope as possible to Make America Great Again.

It's a Donald J. Trump world, everybody and we're all just living in it. Spread that word in the streets all of the time, just to show him how much we all care. At least, that is until he's invited to speak before an attentive grand jury or Congressional Oversight Committee. They'd just want to tell them what they're thinking of the work that he's done in his own behalf to the country. We'd all be all ears.

Get in, let's go, there's no time to explain!

Dealing with crises is where the rubber meets the road for presidents

Disaster planning, authoritizing the dispersal of funds, coordinating with local authorities, federalizing the National Guard and pretty much helping the American people feel that he or she is on the job in their time of need. And that's just scratching the surface.

These are things that can only be done correctly by dedicated, experienced professionals and not half-assed crony hacks.

We've yet to see who Trump will put in charge of FEMA and the rest of his domestic policy team, but we'd have a tremendous clue as to what to look for as far as disaster response under a Prez Trump by gauging his appointments.

A bad or inadequate emergency response, especially in the South (hurricanes), the Heartland (floods and tornadoes), the West and Southwest (drought and fires) will damage his credibility in these areas.

These places are where the heart of his political support is... We ought to make a note of that. Not to mention the fact that global climate change will make these problems even worse and more frequent.

Everyone in charge should plan for these inevitabilities, otherwise they're woefully incompetent.

It's not like I'm hoping that things like that will happen, this is life and death of course. I'm saying that they are going to happen and Trump's going to be sitting in the Oval Office when they do. If he does his job, fine, that's what he was elected to do. There's no avoiding his own responsibility in this arena.

But if he fucks up disaster response, we have an obligation to make sure that he pays for his incompetence dearly.

In our white supremacist society, aren't they already the "status quo?"

Make America White Again.

In spite of the fact that Trump won...

He and his wife will never exhibit any where near the wit, class and humanity of their predecessors.

Trump supporters boast and brag about wiping the Obama's legacy off the face of the Earth... That's never going to happen. The only thing that they'll do is create so much misery, they'll make it hard to remember how much better we had it before they got to the White House.

But we will remember in spite of them.

These are people who willingly immerse themselves in lies. The yearn to be lied to and are more susceptible lies than we are. They're incensed when their lies and delusions aren't accepted and are challenged... When other refuse to live in the bubble that they've constructed for themselves.

Trump will sell them lies and, in spite of the fact that'll suffer from the consequences of his action or inaction, they'll accept those lies whole heartedly. But we won't.

The fight for the truth will be never-ending for us here... Never give it up, we're all in it together.

Like a bunch of freaking cowards

The local RWNJ radio station is gone, switched over to bible thumper "Christian" programming like a thief in the night.

No more Praeger and Hannity bitching about how bad they think things are under Obama. Fucking cowards.

I was looking forward to their patience being tested while New Trumpanistan was under the loving embrace of Cheeto Jeezus and The Zombie Eyed Granny Starver.

Fuck these people.

Sometimes, you just gotta say, "Fuck it."

Bad shit is going to happen, thanks to Cheeto Jeezus, his Merry Band of Miscreants, The Zombie Eyed Granny Starver, Yertle The Turtle and that House of Horrors known as The United States Congress.

We're all fucked and that's the way it's going to be. We can fight it, I'm saying never give up, but America has been fooled by a orange tinted con man, his Hatch Act violating fanboys, a feckless media, along with the voter suppressing crooks, to take away our super powers. We got hit by some Kryptonite, baby and it wasn't pretty.

This is the country that we are right now, stupid, angry, racist and ignorant. It's been building up for a long time, but I suppose that we had to get it out of our system sometime. Now is as good as a time as any.

We might as well gird our loins and get ready for the ride. But it's not the end... We ain't glowing in the dark just yet.

There are some things that we may be able to stop, but other shit that we'll be unable to.

The Wingers are in charge and this is their pony to shoot in the head. Our collective pony actually. But it's about fucking time that they benefit from the experience of their own failures, even if the first thing that they're going to do is to push that blame onto scapegoats.

The unaccountable bastards.

So, until the pendulum swings back our way again, fuck it. It's good day to die.
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