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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,116

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Gary Bartz - I've known Rivers (live)

Airto Moreira & Flora Purim Live

Why would 18 people ignore me?

Each one, of course, has his or her own reason, but I think that 18 people could indicate a trend. It was at 17 people not too long ago, it's only growing.

I'm wondering… Why?

Am I too mean to people?

Are my frequent musical vid postings somewhat tedious and objectionable?

Are my frequent rants and essays perhaps a source of contention?

Am I too rude to other posters?

Is there something that I'm missing, or should I just forget about caring about it?

A Charlie Brown Christmas - Skating

They Can Do That?! 10 Outrageous Tactics Cops Get Away With

Thanks to the war on drugs, the war on terror and general public apathy about civil liberties, police can stomp all over your rights.

December 4, 2012 |

Talk to someone who has never dealt with the cops about police behaving badly, and he or she will inevitably say, “But they can't do that! Can they?” The question of what the cops can or can't do is natural enough for someone who never deals with cops, especially if their inexperience is due to class and/or race privilege. But a public defender would describe that question as naïve. In short, the cops can do almost anything they want, and often the most maddening tactics are actually completely legal.

There are many reasons for this, but three historical developments stand out: the war on drugs provided the template for social control based on race; 9/11 gave federal and local officials the opportunity to ensnare Muslims (and activists) in the ever-increasing surveillance and incarceration state; and a lack of concern from the public at large means these tactics can be applied, often controversy-free, to anyone who resists them.

What follows are 10 of the innumerable tactics the police can use against a population often incapable of constraining their behavior.

What the police can do: http://www.alternet.org/they-can-do-10-outrageous-tactics-cops-get-away

I hear that the movie version doesn't do it justice though


Our Christmas Heroes

Who is Benedict Cumberbatch's character in the new Star Trek Movie?

Lot's of rumors abound, but no real answers yet, just like J.J. Abrams wants it to be. The only clue is that he's a rehash of a canon character from TOS. Who is he?

Here are the best choices:


Gary Mitchell

Garth of Izar

Zephram Cochrane

Ben Finney

Harry Mudd

Mavis Staples - What happened to the real Me

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