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Believe it or not, there are a few people on Fox who will report the Truth about Trump

I'd love to see Trump lose his shit against his favorite station, because they're daring to call him on his lies and incompetence.

ALIENS co star: "Bill Paxton was always a lot of fun on set, I'll miss him very much."

Figures that I picked tonight, out of all nights, to miss the Oscars

Should have recorded it.

Game over man. Bill Paxton has passed away

Just got the push. No links.

Say, "When."

Again, Cheetolini makes no sense

He stands up there, screaming "fake news," when it's clear as day that he's lying, or doesn't know what he's talking about or both.

He screams about leaks coming out of his own administration. Well, aside from his tacit self-admittion of incompetence, any thinking person is only interested in whether those so-called leaks would stand up to the light of day or not.

If the leaks are true and they're corroborated by another source and reported as received, then they're not "fake" news.

Even if the leaks are just rumors and they're reported as rumors, then it still wouldn't make them "fake news." Gossip does not necessarily need to be "fake" by definition.

Since Trump's actions zigzag at any time, bereft of rhyme or reason in most cases, information will change by the minute. A simple change of circumstances doesn't make news "fake," as long it was valid at at the time it was relayed from the source.

I'm sure that any of you can come up with more examples of why the news isn't "fake."

But, in spite of all of that, there's one way the news could be "fake," and that's if the unquestioning Press becomes nothing more than the stenographer for a truth deficient Oval Office denizen, repeating that deluge of lies which emanate from his puckered pie hole.


Amsterdam Live!

During the Chris Hayes rebroadcast tonight, I had an interesting thought about "repeal & replace."

For the longest time, GOPrs were telling us that they wanted to "repeal and replace" the ACA, then after the shit starting hitting the fans for them, they pivoted to "repeal and repair." I'm sure that some have pointed this out, but neither one of these slogans makes any sense.

You know me, I love my analogies and metaphors. And this morning, from spending a little time at the dealership, I think that I've come up with another that applies to the GOPr ACA schemes.

Let's say that ACA is like Old Betsy, your solidly built older car, which still runs fine, it's all paid for and it suits just most, if not all of your current transportation needs. Kind of like my own 1996 Ford Ranger Truck, "Olive," which although it may not be a brand, spanking new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor, she is MY cherry that only has 38,000 miles on it and still runs like a top.

Now under "repeal and replace" for trucks, I would take that perfectly adequate for my transportation needs, all paid for, still running just fine with only 38,000 mile Ranger and trade it in at the dealer for a shiny new $49,000 that I ain't got Raptor. Which makes me consider, as a truck owner, how smart is that shit for real?

I mean, who does "repealing and replacing" Olive actually help out here? I bought a couple of new cars once and what did I get? Monthly car notes, higher insurance rates, concern about every new scratch that you find on your new car, not to mention if something goes wrong with your new truck, that shit will get really, really expensive... They're all built to be that way. It's all about the aftermarket, that's where the money is made. A reliable older vehicle doesn't have as many and as much in expensive needs, it's not shiny and glamorous, but it's there for you.

Having that shiny new monstrosity is also not as care free as owning a reliable older vehicle that takes care of your needs and at a lower expense. And that's just the start with "repealing and replacing" Olive, less disposable income for me, even though I'd have way more truck than I actually need, and more of my money in the pockets of everyone from dealers (med providers) to (medical) insurers.

What if have you new truck, but can't afford it... Well, it's going to get repo'd. Not helpful at all. Going for the brass ring, only to lose it all.

With the ACA "repeal and replace," who in their right mind believes that the GOPrs would want a functioning, serviceable, self-sustaining public/private health insurance program that doesn't suck the life savings out of its users? Anyone? Of course, not, they want that shiny, new completely unsustainable monster truck that spreads your money around, all so they can brand it in their own names, instead of the black guy how got you that reliable older one. And if new truck get's repo'd, they'd say that it's ALL your fault. They wouldn't care one whit. That's how those fuckers roll.

Still with my mixing of metaphors here?

Anyway, when everyone got wind of their bullshit "repeal and replace" scheme, they gravitated to "repeal and repair." And in the contest of trucks here, that makes no fucking since at all. With "repeal," you'd trade in your reliable old vehicle, but with "repair," that puppy is being fixed up, but it's NOT yours anymore.

Uh, guys, what are were "repairing" again?

My question is, why are the GOPrs allowed, by the press especially, to get away with this bullshit for so long? No one can answer that, of course. But now that, we've gravitated from GOPr fantasizing to real possibility of taking everyone's reliable old Olives away, the owners are up in arms. And it's really, really cherry to behold.

As long as the constituents keep the GOPr run Congress's collective feet to the fire, there's going to be little that they're going to do to "repeal," "replace" or "repeal and repair." For one, these people are incompetent. They've never had a cogent plan beyond their petty sloganeering. Also, their ideas do not represent the needs and wants of the majority. ACA is a present and working FACT. Anything that GOPrs want to do will cause MORE harm than good.

We're talking about people lives and livelihoods. And although I seriously doubt the reasoning behind appealing to the basic humanity, empathy and intellect of your standard teabaggerati Congress Critter, because they ain't got none, it is super smart to get in their faces and embarrass the fuck out of them. Bravo, constituents. Bravo.

What I'm hoping here is that the people can take any success in saving Old Olive and apply it to the rest of government function that serves the needs of everyone, and in the face of the fools in the White House who are hell bent on dismantling our representative democracy.

This shit is just starting... It only makes sense to win.

I was out getting Olive (My sweet, green Ford Ranger) serviced today

The Works dealie, as recommended by The Rock. I saw his commercial last night and it reminded me that it was close to oil change time.

By the way, it was all good with my sweet vehicle.


The strange thing is that, while waiting in the service area, it was strangely quiet. About 10 other folks were there, all subdued, no one saying anything to anyone. Mind you, I'm talking about a room full Of mostly older white guys here in good old Macomb County. Trump voters.

To me it was strange because, under normal circumstances in this area, small talk about the important issues of the day with a collection of strangers is pretty much to be expected. More so than just about weather, which was all of what I chatted with the staff about, other than Olive, of course.

Now, in spite of this being Macomb County, Trump Country, the last thing that these guys wanted to do, perhaps, was to get into a political discussion in the dealership waiting room. There was no TV turned to Fox News blaring its standard BS, so I guess that everyone was happy to take a break.

Although I didn't mind the break from politics, I did think the general silence was odd.

The old white dudes were looking beat down and it was the first thing in the morning, not very conducive to small talking. Here it was a beautiful, sunny morning in February and everyone was gloomed out. I was a little disappointed.

Anyway, before long the nice service lady called me over to tell me that Olive was all done. Over an hour there, no one had said anything to anyone else in that waiting room. Quite eerie. So, I paid my bill and left.

Can you just imagine four more years of this stuff?

FDT. Killing everyone's vibe.

What Ever Happened To All The Old Racist Whites From Those Civil Rights Photos?


What ever happened to those white folks from those old photos?

A few months ago from this day of publishing, I had an interesting discussion with a white guy at work. The subject of riots came up. Pretty much, he attempted to place a mass association of “riots” to Black Lives Matter protesters. Fascinated with his thoughts (which severely lacked critical thinking), I throw him a critical thinking question:

“Do you think that Black Live Matter protesters, command riots?”

I had to repeat the question because he was in total shock, as if he walked from a train wreck, because he didn’t expect to engage in critical thinking.

He answered no, which was smart; they do not command riots to occur. It’s a bit stupid to suggest such. While he did concede the point that BLM do not command riots, he pointed out that the riot association is strong because that’s all the data the media supplies him (you don’t think that’s without intent?) and still, overall, if the protests were PEACEFUL then change would occur. I pointed out that there’s numerous peaceful protests, they occur all the time. I as a street photographer (and freelance journalist) have been to many, and can literally report on a lot of knowledge. I mentioned one 60 miles from our location that happened months prior. I also mention what the media does when they are peaceful protests and vigils — they leave without reporting. Still, he was unmoved, because to him credentialed media > freelance journalism. So okay.

“Peaceful? You mean like Colin Kaepernick?“

Once again I saw this white fellow, robbed of breath, beginning to realize what type of corner he walked himself into. He, a regular white-American male, hates Colin Kaepernick. He really despises Colin Kaepernick. He hates his PEACEFUL protest. It’s really baffling, because he also mentioned MLK which made things even more hilariously awkward.


This question is closely connected to Trump's mobs, as far as I'm concerned.

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