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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 72,464

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If they've already outfitted Mar A Lago with a SCIF, I'll be surprised...

These people are incompetent, they wouldn't know any better.

If that joint does have a SCIF up and running, why didn't they use it?

That scene in Trump's dining room was the biggest lapse in security I've ever seen by any White House occupant ever.


What did Donald Trump know...

And when did he know it?


Anyone got a GroupOn for a Constitutional Democratic Republic?

One that can be used in all fifty states.


Thanks for the Valentines, my peoples

I'm truly feeling all the 💝!

I'm sure that the GOPr hypocrites are proud of Cheetolini's most recent accomplishment


White People: I Dont Want You To Understand Me Better, I Want You To Understand Yourselves

Ijeoma Oluo

Hi white person in my DMs, let me respond here in the hopes that I never have to again.

Almost every day I get a message like yours from a random white person — on Facebook, Twitter, or email — offering to provide me with the “white perspective” that they think that my work on race and feminism is missing. “Just to give a more well-rounded picture,” they’ll explain, or “Having been a white person my whole life, I think my insight would be useful to you,” or, “I think I can help you understand how this issue looks to white society.”

To which I say: Physician, heal thyself.
No, I do not know everything. I do not cover every angle all the time. Sometimes, I’m flat-out wrong. But here’s the thing: I do know white culture. I know white culture better than most white people know white culture. I know white culture, white history, white politics. I know it better than you because if you knew why you were really in my DMs right now, you’d be embarrassed. Why do I know white culture so well? Because I’m a black woman. And while I, and just about any person of color who has spent their lives in a white supremacist society, know enough about white culture to write a book or two on whiteness and option the bestseller movie rights, y’all know almost nothing about us and even less about yourselves.

Why? Because you don’t have to.


Cheetolini got the cabinet of oligarchs, ideologues and incompetents he wanted

Not to mention his traveling circus of white nationalists, yes men, spin doctoring propagandists, police state strongmen, nepotism beneficiaries and general malcontents.

It won't be pretty.

If we're all not outrunning brain ravenous zombies, Russian remote controlled glow-in-the-dark cockroaches and an army of gibbon faced steampunk Nazis by this time next year, I'll be surprised.


The old rules aren't applying

We shouldn't restrict ourselves from doing what we need to do to save America.

At least everyone was sane during the Cold War

Even with the persistent threat of nuclear annihilation at the time.

These days, I don't know if the people who are charge of The Button understand what they're responsible for.

OMG, I just found an online "The Aristocrats" joke repository

People write their own versions of the joke and submit them for ratings. It's about as filthy and disgusting as one can possibly imagine. But with my dirty mind, I can imagine quite a lot.

Just the other day on Twitter, when Joy Reid labeled the Trumps "Kleptocrats," I jokingly tweeted back to her that a Kleptocrats joke about the Trumps would make the Aristocrats joke sound G rated.


I stand by that assertion.
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