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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 72,618

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WAR - Why Can't We Be Friends

Eric Burdon & War - Spill The Wine

All Day Music - WAR

Don't Let No One Get You Down - WAR

Cinco De Mayo - WAR

When Trump doesn't complete his term through either impeachment, resignation or some other means...

His RWNJ supporters will declare him a martyr and attack the next Democratic president in Trump's name. Because for them, it's only about pay back, that's how they always roll:

- The Doddering Old Crook was payback for removing Tricky Dick.

- Junior was payback for Bubba.

- Cheetolini, the Whitest Orange Man in America was payback The Black Guy With The Funny Name.

As you can see, in every subsequent case, these same people promoted another candidate who was way worse than the one before. I'm sure that it WON'T matter to them about what's best for the country, especially once that lying, crooked, moronic, incompetent traitor, named Trump eventually gets his proper comeuppance. After Trump, I expect them to find a Nazzie child molestor who stomps puppies and kittens candidate just for sport. ("He's so 'presidential.'" )

Those RWNJ motherfukkkers are just that scary.

The mistake and attack on this country from within and without of putting Trump in the Oval Office will eventually get corrected, that's for sure. This white-lash won't last forever. His old, white, angry supporters are dying off by the day and younger voters are getting pissed off by the day from living under this national debacle.

The RWNJ fools are going to all learn that America was never theirs to "take back." They only "won" it, however temporarily, because THEY cheated... As in, whenever GOPrs can't win win, they ALWAYS cheat, right?

We all know that cheaters never prosper, but that's a lesson that the RWNJs can never seem to learn.

Trump is so broke...

He puts all of his hookers on layaway.

Trump is so broke...

He created a gmail account just so he can eat the spam.

Trump is so broke...

The only TV channel that he can afford on his cable subscription is Fox News.

Trump is so broke...

He can't even afford to pay attention.

Trump is so broke...

Nigerians refuse to send him banking scams.

The Swedish Academy has postponed its Nobel Prize for literature over sexual abuse allegations.

Nobel Prize for Literature postponed amid Swedish Academy turmoil


And that's because of allegations against the husband of a member.

So, who here thinks that Trump will ever get that that Nobel Peace Prize that he wants so much?

May The Fourth Be With You!

Top 10 Ways Black People Keep Racism Alive, According to Wypipo

Michael Harriot
Yesterday 9:45am Filed to: RACISM

As one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of wypipology, I am constantly searching for ways to translate my studies into real-world applications. Fortunately, there are hundreds of white people who generously take time out of their day to accuse me of being the real racist.

These scholars keep in constant contact with me to point out how I actually keep racism alive by talking about racism.

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