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Member since: 2002
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You're gonna need an insulin shot after looking at this...

What movie most closely resembled your own military experience?

1. Stripes

2. Full Metal Jacket

3. No Time For Sergeants

4. Private Benjamin

5. Platoon

6. Best Defense

7. McHale's Navy

8. Good Morning, Vietnam

9. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Happy Mother's Day!

Texas Cop Tries to Arrest Wrong Man on Out-of-State Warrant in his Front Yard

Clarence Evans always was of the belief that all cops aren’t bad until May 8, 2019. He was outside with his son and daughter enjoying watching them play when a fired Houston Police Officer, now Precinct 4 Constable entered his property without a warrant claiming someone had called in about a dog being stolen. The "stolen dog" had been with the Evans family since it was a puppy.

The rogue officer, Garrett Lindley, illegally demanded Mr. Evans to identify himself, but Mr. Evans refused. The officer responded by ordering Mr. Evans to “put your hands behind your back ‘REG’.” He claimed that Mr. Evans had a felony warrant out in Louisiana then went on to address him as QUENTIN.

Another more level headed officer, who assumed the role of a senior officer to his Sargent, arrived on the scene. He was able to provide a photo purported to be Mr. Evans, but photograph depicted very different black male approximately in his 50’s who also had dreadlocks. A gross misidentification.

Nathan Dimoff

"Just because I have dreads or something," the black man told the cop trying to arrest him on an out-of-state warrant.

A Texas constable spotted a black man with dreadlocks chilling on his front porch and determined he fit the description of another black man with dreadlocks wanted on an out-of-state warrant.

Clarence Evans was sitting outside with his son and daughter when a constable from Houston Precinct 4 pulled up in front of his house claiming that someone had reported his dog as stolen.

According to the caption of the video he posted on Facebook, Evans told the cop that his dog had both a chip and the proper paperwork proving he was the owner.

The officer asks for his identification but Evans refused to give it to him, which triggered the cop into wanting to arrest him.

According to the caption:

"He then asked for Id and I politely tell him no he then says to me “put your hands behind your back Reg” I have never in my life went by that name then he tells I have a felony warrant out in Louisiana and calls me Quitin."


Of course, this cop has a history of being rogue...

Cop accused of kicking handcuffed suspect in the head

Monday, September 23, 2013


Officer Garrett Lindley faces a misdemeanor charge of official oppression. He was indicted by a grand jury for what allegedly occurred at HPD's jail at central patrol and now he's fighting for his job.

He refused to talk to Eyewitness News as he left an arbitration hearing Monday afternoon. He was placed on indefinite suspension by the police department in July and now has been indicted by a grand jury. He stands accused of official oppression.

Nicole DeBorde, Lindley's attorney, said, ""Yes, he (denies kicking that person.) He didn't hurt anyone. He was trying to help fellow officers and that's it."

Eric Faltesek was under arrest for DWI in January. He'd refused a breathalyzer test and was ignoring officer commands in a room at 61 Riesner. Police say they were trying to get his fingerprint on a warrant so that they could properly document a blood draw. Officer Jorge Roman says that's when Faltesek became combative.

Roman says Faltesek ended up on the ground, still handcuffed to the bench. Roman was trying to subdue him when he says Lindley kicked Faltesek in the face.


A picture that speaks for itself...


My definition for "white supremacy" is the arbitrary promotion of white mediocrity...

Over black excellence.


This is why they kneel...


"What have I ever done to you, Francine?"


Happy Cinco de Mayo, y'all

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