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Member since: 2002
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What kind of person would think that Zimmerman had the right to...

While armed, walk up to a complete stranger who was doing absolutely NOTHING wrong and initiate a confrontation with that person?

If Trayvon Martin was left unmolested to walk home, who doesn't think that he would have gotten to his destination without getting into a fight and getting shot?

Who had more to fear, the unarmed person who was being chased or the armed person who was doing the chasing?

There's only one victim here and he's dead.

A person who carried a loaded weapon into a confrontation, that he was the only person who was intent on having, and then shoots that person that he initiated the confrontation with should face the consequences of his actions if he shoots and kills the unarmed person that he confronted.

Even if Zimmerman was on the losing end of a fight, it was a fight that was only STARTED from his actions alone.

Being armed didn't given him the right to avoid getting his ass beat when he started the goddamned fight in the first place.

Other than the lawyers who he's paying, I can't see how anyone can honestly defend any of Zimmerman's actions here.

Enjoying "Stupidity Celebration Cones" from the Chick-Fil-A

"someone please tell me this isn’t Zimmerman attorney Don West and his daughter…
UPDATE: I attempted to look up the mollywestttt profile on Instagram, and it’s already been taken down. If this was indeed Don West, he should be thrown out of court for this. No one involved in the George Zimmerman Murder Trial is allowed to use social media, not even the attorney’s relatives. If this is Don West, he’s fucking stupid as hell for even doing this,

Here’s a picture of Don West to compare to the one above to see if they are the same person (which I recognize the glasses, the forehead wrinkles and the eye shapes):

Here’s more commentary on the picture, which is indeed real (even though it has been taken down):

Apparently Don West’s daughter posted this picture to Instagram. I didn’t see it myself, someone posted it and it made me pause.

I’ve been watching what I could of the trial so far and have been feeling some kinda way about a lot of it and I guess I really haven’t been able to put it into words exactly what I feel.

I know I got annoyed at the comments about Rachel Jeantel and folks going in on her vernacular and saying she looked like “Precious."

I thought that was disrespectful given what she was testifying about. I also thought it was a case of worrying about the wrong shit.

Yesterday the line of questioning about Twitter followers versus people following annoyed me and I guess my general consensus so far is that well…this shit is being taken as a big azz joke to many as well as a way to etch that color line even deeper.

That ice cream picture annoyed me and I feel like it was carefully calculated to draw a line for Don West and anyone looking to hire someone like Don West. He is being VERY clear with his Chick-Fil-A cone. This is all about business. The business of race baiting pays well for some and there are obviously codes and signals necessary to play it well.

Yup. Don West is for hire as are all lawyers. And he wants to make sure specific someones know.


Get in mah belly!

Jessy Lanza: Kathy Lee

Today's Nifty Fact...


It's nothing less than the makings of a coup by the GOP

To wrest power, in spite of any democratic decision otherwise.

The slashing of the Voting Rights Act, along with voter suppression laws and massively uninhibited gerrymandering seeks to do one thing; make the votes of people who normally support Republicans worth twice more than those who normally support Democrats.

The main population centers of the country mostly do not support the Republican party, Blue America, whereas Red America mostly make up the space in between. Those huge swaths of red have not been lost on Republicans, who in spite of the Electoral College, believe that they can use all of that red space to their advantage.

The US House of Representatives is a perfect example of their efforts to prevent Democrats from being elected as the majority party. Make NO mistake about it, Democrats are the majority party in this country. The GOP House majority is an unnatural occurrence, due to the gerrymandering, while in the Senate, where most states vote for their members by a purely popular vote process, it more accurately depicts the preferences of each state electorate.

The next stage that the GOP will attempt in order to regain the White House and take over the Senate will be to constrict the value of votes in traditionally blue areas. Section Five of the VRA was instrumental in stopping the Right in those states from suppressing traditional left leaning voters. It was essential in facilitating the natural process of a declining majority white demographic trend and inhibiting efforts by the right power structure in those effected states to remain unchallenged now and in the future.

After voter suppression, a massive effort to isolate blue areas through redistricting will commence.

Major population areas are, by definition, multi-cultural in nature and naturally more likely to become more tolerant and egalitarian. They are naturally blue. This kind of thing is the bane of a non-inclusive and intolerant Red America.

Since Blue America has the people, I suggest that Blue should start invading Red to create a more Purple America. An America that more accurately reflects the nation's overall political preferences. Some of that movement need not be too radical at all, simply by moving from safe blue districts to marginally affected red districts. The result would create more purple ones.

There will be a process of isolation against Blue America facilitated by the Far Right, the GOP and the corporate allies who stand to gain from voter suppression.

Only True Democracy can defeat their efforts.

Welcome to Denmark


You only had ONE job...

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