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You need to read the manual, ok?

His parents are probably still cracking up over that one...

Let me help you get your groom on...

I just don't know what to say about this...

Sources: Father knew toddler was in SUV

By Alexis Stevens

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Police have information that the father of a 22-month-old toddler found dead in the back of an SUV Wednesday knew the child had been left in the vehicle, according to Channel 2 Action News. Sources familiar with the investigation declined to release additional details to Channel 2, the station reported late Tuesday afternoon.

That information differs from Justin Ross Harris’ initial statements to Cobb County police, including that he mistakenly left his son in his carseat while he went to work last week. Harris, 33, of Marietta, said he only realized the boy, Cooper Mills Harris, was in the backseat when he was driving away from his job at a Home Depot corporate office, police said at the scene.

On Wednesday afternoon, Cooper was pronounced dead in the parking lot of an Akers Mill Road shopping center, where Harris drove after noticing his son still strapped in to his carseat.

Earlier Tuesday, Cobb County police declined to discuss whether the investigation has expanded beyond the toddler’s father. But police say the investigation into Cooper’s death continues to evolve, and is far from over.
“This is a very active, very fluid investigation,” Officer Mike Bowman told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tuesday. “Our detectives have worked tirelessly to resolve the leads in this case. They are doing due diligence.”


Your Daily Dose of SQUEE®

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Where's your ceiling cat now?

But I miss her...

I'm guessing that is wasn't hard enough for some guy at working at WNDU...

If it's Sunday, it's Meet The Right...

I just slew my first housefly opponent of the summer in righteous combat

I gave it a viking funeral, as was custom.

Victory is mine.
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