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Rainy overcast skies right now...

No Blood Moon in S.E. MI.

Oh well.

It's not only amazing about how much the Trumps lie, it's also crazy about how badly they lie

If you listen to their answers to crucial 'yes or no' questions, they all tend to over explain their qualifications even before they get around to answering 'yes or no.' That's a routine liar's tell.

Always asking people to "trust" him and saying "to tell the truth" for Trump are his routine preludes to his lies.

They also do this smirk thingie right after telling a lie. Also, a lot of times their expressions have nothing to do with their words.

Hemming and hawing... The Kids and other mouthpieces can't help themselves. Trump, on the other hand, is pathological in his way that first thing that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He's very practiced at lying while using excessive palm displays. He using them all the time.

Whenever Trump is crossing his arms, he's being defensive and is definitely lying.

They can never keep any of their lies straight. Trump has been know to tell repeated lies in the same breath.

Most of all, whenever his pie hole is flapping, he's clearly lying.

He's the biggest and worst liar ever.

Donald Trump Is America's Greatest President

Michael Harriot
Today 4:15pm

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump embraces the United States flag during a campaign rally at the Tampa Convention Center on June 11, 2016 in Tampa, Florida
Photo: Geraldo Mora (Getty Images)

As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. - H.L. Mencken, July 26, 1920

Before voicing their exasperation over the Trump/Putin/Pence administration, all the white liberals, the people at the helm of the resistance movement, will adjust their pink pussy hats and straighten their safety pin-adorned “RESIST” shirts and explain why and how Donald Trump is not fit to represent their beloved country.

In their attempt to convince the world of his lack of qualifications, they conveniently forget that this misogynist, this lie-spewing, racism-filled narcissist, is the perfect person to represent America.

Never before has one person so perfectly embodied the qualities of this nation.

If one was to create a sentient being out of America’s past and present, it would look like Donald Trump. It would hate anyone who is not white. It would believe itself to be an infallible “stable genius.” It would hide secrets. It would whitewash its past. It would lie incessantly. It would rip brown babies from their mothers’ arms. It would criminalize Muslims. It would mirror the intellect and sentiment of the vast majority of people who fill the country from sea to shining sea.

Donald Trump is America.

Donald Trump is a rich, powerful man who has convinced the world that his empire was earned through hard work, not a sordid past that includes, but is not limited to, taking advantage of his privilege. He made his fortune like America made its fortune: taking land, profiting off financial malfeasance, conning the masses and refusing to pay black and brown people for their work.

He has become the world’s most powerful man in the world’s most powerful country through a system that rewards white men for being white men. He has no particular intelligence or expertise, yet he has convinced his poor Caucasian co-conspirators that the only way they can succeed is by placing their foot on the neck of the people who don’t look like them. The brown people. The black people. The non-Christians.

Isn’t that the most American idea of them all?

And like America, most people are willing to ignore his racism for the sake of self-preservation. Most Trump voters will not admit that they cast their ballots for an unapologetic bigot just like many Americans will not admit that the Civil War had anything to do with slavery.

Republicans will overlook the inherent evil of his immigration policy just like this country overlooked Jim Crow, segregation, lynching and the evil that remains in every sector of society. They have forgotten how Trump excused a white supremacist murder in Charlottesville, Va., just like America excuses white supremacy as an institutional reality.

And he lies ... like America lies.


Jim Jordan for House Speaker?!?


I can't emphasize too much how fucked up this actually is. A recipe for a never-ending tragedy...

Still can't help it...

We all know that RWNJ fetus worshippers are all hypocrites, right?

Put your Wednesday dancing shoes on, y'all and cut a rug!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Neo-Nazi ventriloquist who went on racist Starbucks rampage says he's not racist (Not The Onion)


Andrew R. Angel allegedly attacked a Hispanic man at a Starbucks/Screenshots

An Illinois man has been charged with a hate crime after attacking a Hispanic man at a Starbucks, Patch.com reports.

Andrew R. Angel, 44, allegedly attacked a Hispanic man who was resting in his car in the city of Countryside, southwest of Chicago.

Angel allegedly put a flier with a swastika on it on the man’s car. When the Hispanic man saw it, he followed Angel into the Starbucks and attempted to hand it back to him.

Angel allegedly “caused a disturbance inside the Starbucks” and then left, waiting for the Hispanic man outside. Angel allegedly cursed and yelled more racial slurs at the man then dared him to act by saying “what are you going to do about it?”

Angel then allegedly got into his car and peeled around the parking lot yelling more racial slurs before police showed up and arrested him.

Angel’s car was searched by police who found clothing with swastikas and Confederate flags, a Ku Klux Klan hood, white supremacist literature and a ventriloquist dummy, Patch reports.

Angel told police he was not targeting the Hispanic man and that the racial slurs were uttered because he was “singing along with a rap song.”

“I put [the flyers] on anybody’s vehicle no matter what their race,” Angel said. “The American Nazi Party accepts support from any race. I wasn’t singling him out. It’s not about white supremacy but more of a political group that shows interest in helping people with taxes and jobs.”

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