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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 72,289

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This been a week of ALL weeks...

So, what do we have?

- Trump Dumps on our Nato allies...

- Then he pisses all over the emoluments clause by staying at his Scottish money laundering operation...

- Then literally gets a room with Putin to hash out all that sexual tension between the two of them...

- He gives a demonstration of his treasonous behavior behind a podium, in front of cameras and with professional witnesses onlooking, with his Russian master admitting that he wanted Trump to win and worked toward getting that to happen...

- Then he lies about it all the next day...

- Then there's those three members of his National Security team who bailed on him...

- Fox News has a sad...

- Then we find out that he was informed by the Intel guys that they have proof that Russia had attacked our democratic process, two weeks prior to getting sworn in. And he's been lying about knowing what he knows ever since...

- Then the story explodes of how a Russian operative fucked her way through the American right wing...

- Then word gets out that Trump entertained the thought of handing over loyal and patriotic American diplomats to Putin's torture machine...

- The Senate didn't like that at all and voted on a measure by 98-zippy-dee-doo-dah to point it out to him...

- Then we find out that Trump wants to stab tiny Montenegro in the back, one of our NATO allies...

- Let's not forget the ongoing protest in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, replete with Mariachi bands and opera singers...

- A whole bunch of the cult has pretty much defected...

- Then the story came out of how Trump, in the pettiest way possible, undermined President Obama's visit to South Africa...

- Speaking of petty, Trump's pissed at Dan Coats, reportedly because he laughed at him. If he lasts the month, he'll be lucky...

- And we hear that Cohen taped his deal to payoff a Trump mistress Playboy model, because he was probably planning on blackmailing Trump to reimburse his payments to her or some such thing...

- And the week isn't even over yet.

Did I miss anything? I'm sure that I missed something, because I was only working from the top of my own head.

Precedence has taught me that there is no "bottom" with Trump. He makes the Marianas Trench look like a dimple. Because I pretty much expect Trump to glance over this thoroughly shitty week and say, "Hold my vanilla shake."

And the GOPr cultists will still ask for more.

It's show day today!

Tune in to my HOUSE FIRE SHOW!


Stay Classy, London, Ontario


London, Ontario Was a Racist Asshole to Me

In the four years I've spent in London, Ontario I've been called names like Ebony, Dark Chocolate, Shaniqua, Ma, Blackish, and Boo.

In the four years I've spent in London, Ontario I've been called names like Ebony, Dark Chocolate, Shaniqua, Ma, Blackish, and Boo. I've encountered blackface on Halloween and been told to go back to my third-world country (twice). I've been pushed off the sidewalk by white kids. I've been humiliated by white guys shouting, "Look at that black ass!" as I walked down a busy street. I've been an ethnic conquest for curious white men. I've witnessed my boyfriend get called a nigger over 20 times, been called "you people" and been asked by white friends if it's okay to "use the N-word" around me while desperately trying to rap to Yeezus.

But, yes, after all that, I went back to Jack's a month ago, a charmingly shitty bar that reeks of bleach and tequila and where I spent most of my undergrad acquiring alcoholic gastritis (I graduated from London's Western University last June). And not even 20 minutes into an Ariana Grande song, I feel my left ass cheek fly way up. I turn around to see a white guy walking back to his table of cheering 20-year-old Justin Biebers.

I could have confronted them, but then I'd be that angry black girl. I could have slapped him, but after what happened to Aaron Ferkranus, a healthy, young 26-year-old who went into medical distress after being restrained by bouncers at Thorny Devil nightclub (a short walk from Jack's) and died this February, no black person in London is safe from a perfectly normal bar scrap. I could have also dumped my nice, cool beer on his young, receding hairline, but that would be a waste of $2.75. So instead, as I had been doing for the past few years in this city, I bit my tongue and allowed it.

Minutes later as I stood by the trough, a plaid-wearing white guy tried to introduce me to his only black friend.

"Isn't he good-looking?" he said. The black kid smiled. He looked like Urkel.




"Hey, Girl..."

"Let's talk about our feelings."

"Who needs feelings? Let's party!"

Better than Wimbledon

Wednesday Dance time, Y'all!

This week strikes a record pace, don't you think?

See? He just "misspoke" in Helsinki...

Yeah, thatís the ticket.

He didnít mean anything he said when he was standing next to Putin.

He had no idea how his remarks were received back at home.

He thinks that just walking back his remarks on Monday will make everything alright.

Heís unaware that we now have technology to record anything he says in public.

He doesnít understand that he has no credibility at all with anyone whoís outside of his own cult.

He hasnít figured out that both his words and Putinís will definitely add fuel to the Muellerís investigative fire.

Heís oblivious to the fact that most people in this country donít have their heads buried up Putinís ass, just like he does.

He canít understand that his own words and actions should all have consequences.

If heís expecting Hannity, Fox & Friends, his Congressional enablers, the GRU, Putin and his cult to keep his ass out of the fire, not only is he delusional, but itís pretty much proof that his attempt to walk back his stupid and treasonous conduct in Helsinki is nothing more than another one of his many lies.

He still canít conceive of the fact that heíll never fool anyone who doesnít want to be fooled.

Any clue why my particle accelerator would go "clink-bissssssh" instead of a steady hum?

Should I be running away now?

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