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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 71,973

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It's Feeding Time...

Breitbart's cesspool is giving birth to a live cow right now... No anesthesia

The types of posts in the more than 8,200 comments (as of this moment) for the Bannon story are...

- Calls for open revolt.

- Apoplexy.

- Total despair.

- Rejection of Trump.

- Throwing Bannon under the bus... (The Trump-can-do-no-wrongers, obviously).

- Conspiracy theorizing that Bannon's resignation is nothing more than a ruse.

- Nazi uprising.

- Liberal troll schadenfreude.

Lots on this right here:

They're going to set a comment record with this puppy.

Pence is going to look so lonely from here on out...

Trump is toast...

Bannon leaving will be the last straw for the Breitbart scumbags.

He has very little support in the GOP Congress... He has few friends at all.

And he has no dog in Washington either.

Mueller is coming... Valor Margulis and FDT.

How Trump Ruined My Relationship With My White Mother

Panama Jackson
Today 9:30am

Panama Jackson and his mama at Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, Mich., circa 1983 (courtesy of Panama Jackson)

Like most of America, I’ve had a week. Whereas Charlottesville, Va., touched off a week of necessary discussions, debates and arguments centering largely on our president’s ignorance and emboldening of the very real problems in America, I’ve had exhausting, draining and, ultimately, disappointing arguments about America’s race problem within my own house with my mother.

You see, my mother (and aunt) came to visit me from Michigan for a week to spend time with three of her grandbabies. Full disclosure: My mother voted for Donald Trump. She’s also white. And she and her (white) husband are members of the National Rifle Association, own two small businesses—including a gun shop—and were actually screwed by Obamacare. In short, my mother is probably what a typical, white Midwesterner looks like on paper.

Except, she’s not. She’s an immigrant. She moved to the United States from France in 1970 when she was (I believe) 13 years old. My family emigrated from France in search of new opportunities and landed in Washtenaw County, Mich., living in various cities around Ann Arbor, Mich., before settling in the Michigan city of Milan (pronounced My-lin). When my mother got to America, she knew very little English. When she was 18, she joined the U.S. Army and met my father, a black American from Alabama, while they were both stationed in the Panama Canal Zone.

That union birthed two children—me and my younger sister, who was born at the University of Michigan Medical Center. We are biracial, but we are black. Because life happens, we spent our early years with our mother, but when I was 6 (and my sister was 3), we were sent to live with our father in Frankfurt, Germany, where he was stationed. From age 6 until I graduated from high school, I lived with my father and mostly spent summers visiting my mother in Michigan.


When a Jewish Trump supporter stoops to defending Nazis and the klan...

Maybe it's a good time for this guy, David Wohl, to reassess his own priorities.

Ari Melber just handed him his ass.


All of these white supremacist fucksticks are deeply broken people. No well adjusted individual becomes a radicalized white nationalist... Not one. They only fall into that ideology because they need a crutch to compensate for how broken they actually are, and the white nationalist leaders all know that their sick, twisted message only appeals to people who are so broken that they have no way to become unbroken.

These are lost people in search of a sense of purpose and identity and the people who fall for the white nationalist message are too sick themselves to know any better.

Every single one of them, like this blubbering crybaby, are unable to function in the real world. So the create a world where they're not broken and all of their problems are the fault of others unlike themselves; blacks, Jews, immigrants, liberals, et al. People to be hated and attacked. Violence to them is a bonding exercise. Hatred is a drug.

But as we can see, this asshole is too scared to go out in public without being strapped. And he brought all of this trouble down on his own head, yet he's unable to cope with the consequences of his own actions. He was so smug during that interview when he said that more people would have to die. But now he's too much of a chickenshit to risk dying for his own cause, as he would see it in his own demented mind.

Fuck this guy and every single one just like him.

He's broken, pathetic and weak, just like all bullies. Which makes it imperative for decent people to ALWAYS stand up to them. Because, if we let them win, everyone will suffer, including the motherfuckers inflicting the suffering themselves in an orgy of unabated self-destruction. If we don't band together to stop them, nothing else will.

Take care and FDT.

See how it works?

"Both sides," my ass...

Nobody should be fooled by the Nazi-Defender-In-Chief when he reads canned statements...

About how bad he thinks nazis are. No one believes what he says at all about that, not even the nazis.

We all should know that his first instinct is to ALWAYS defend nazis.
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