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Latest update. C'mon, Trumka, the clock is ticking.

No one should expect any decent person to have any sympathy for white supremacists...

White supremacists are pretty much the worst the people imaginable and nothing good can ever come from them.

Just look at how white supremacy was served by putting Trump in the White House... Only idiots, assholes and racist fucksticks are the ones who approve of the job he's doing. Anyone with half a brain or half a heart is appalled by all of this mess so far.

It's up to the rest of us, especially people of color, to lead the way, if this country is going to save itself. We can't afford another whitelash like the one we had last year... We're barely serving this one.

Voting for whiteness only brings trouble and heartache. We need to pursue justice and equality instead.

If someone isn't for justice and equality, they're party of the problem. That's the litmus test for all. Anything else, is pure, self-destructive evil.

Federal prosecutors pursue information on Trump opponents

Source: CNN

By Laura Jarrett and Daniella Diaz, CNN
Updated 12:04 PM ET, Tue August 15, 2017

Washington (CNN)A web hosting provider is fighting back against a search warrant that it claims would require them to turn over information on visitors to a website used to organize protests against President Donald Trump, according to court filings first published on the company's blog Monday.

DreamHost, the web provider in question, said in the post that it has "been working with the Department of Justice to comply with legal process" for months, but federal prosecutors in DC are seeking "all records" related to the website disruptj20.org, which organized protests against the Trump administration in January.

Prosecutors obtained a search warrant for the records in July and are now asking a federal judge to force the company to turn over the information.

The warrant includes "all files" in DreamHost's possession, as well as information on "subscribers" to distruptj20.org and information on those who "participated, planned, organized, or incited" the January protests.
DreamHost contends in court filings that DOJ's requests are unconstitutionally overbroad and would effectively require them to provide the HTTP logs for over 1.3 million IP addresses of visitors to the website.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/15/politics/dreamhost-department-of-justice-trump-opponents/index.html

Yep, they're coming after us. Shit is really real.

Trumka and Lee both need to get off the fence and Gorsky should know better.

And if Liveris goes, the whole house of cards will collapse.

What? Trump is being an embarrassment again?

Time to alert the media.

Fuck that guy...

I'm going to sleep.

How dare you touch my dragon?

I totally touched her dragon, dude.

Don't worry, he doesn't bite...

But he does shoot Nazis.

I live in Virginia for 17 plus years...

My entire time there, I always felt safe and secure as a person of color. The state really is a place where all kinds of cultures and races are welcome and can live together in peace. It's a state with open arms all of the time.

It's home to one of the largest immigrant communities in the country, it's unofficial motto is "Virginia is for lovers," it's a place where anyone, no matter who you are, can find a home. All of this is possible because Virginia has the largest population of Federal employees in the entire country and is also home to one the largest population of military members in the country.

It has prestigious universities and a well educated population. It's a state with a high livability factor, both culturally and economically.

All in all, I still consider Virginia my second home. And in spite of the fact of its Confederate history, attitude wise, collectively it's about as far away from a Confederate mindset as you can get. It's far from backward. When I spent a few months in Alabama for temporary duty, the comparisons weren't hard to see.

I just saw the vid the racist rally organizer being ran out of town... THAT is the Virginia that I know and love. They have no time for this bullshit. The racists fucksticks miscalculated and they lost badly. I'm so very sorry that lives were lost because of them. From the anti-racist protester, Heather Heyer, to the two VA State Troopers Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen & Berke Bates, it was a shame that they all lost their lives because of those racist fucksticks.

I'm proud of how all Virginians, from Gov. McAuliffe on down to ordinary citizens, fought hard and held out against white supremacist terrorism. They all deserve our gratitude and support.

May the rest of us follow their example.


Don't be that bystander...

The Greatest Of All Time

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