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I watched part of the RNC this morning...

Since the late 80’s I watch both the DNC and the RNC every four years. And in the past, I had no problem with watching both conventions back-to-back. Despite how much I disagreed with the Republican message of prior to the Trump era, it didn’t actually horrify me. This time, however, I realized from what I witnessed this morning, that I can’t continue to look at this horror show.

Once I turned off the RNC today, I had rather to watch a fantasy horror story, so I caught up with the latest installment of “Lovecraft Country” and “Terminator: Dark Fate” instead. Which I did as a much needed palette cleanser.

Watching fantasy creatures engage in make-believe gore and mayhem was strangely comforting after looking at several hours of mindless droning at the RNC. It decompressed me.

The gaslighting from the RNC’s morning collection of hack speakers so appalling and I also had to endure the surrealist and deranged speeches from both Pence and Trump so disturbing as I watched them uninterrupted on C-Span. It was a glittering display of white mediocrity, something that was painfully apparent in what would be the doom for us all.

In spite of that, to me the most disturbing and disgusting part, however, was the call-in segment with I-don’t-know-who calling from around the country during the break that actually approved of the preceding clown show. Was this a rat-fucking exercise by the RNC to flood all three lines for Democrats, Republicans and Independents with people who approved of the previous real-life horror show, or was it an honest reaction from America’s dark side to remind us how irreparably broken this country’s psyche actually is? I have no idea.

But at that point, my sense of dread and disappointment became overwhelming and I realized that I could not spend night after night listening to the anger, racism, lies and all the pure, unmitigated evil that came with it for four straight nights.

America is going down a dark path under Trump, the RNC is a cruel reflection of that darkness and too many, mostly white people are embracing that darkness. The banality of evil is on full display at this year’s RNC and it’s more horrifying than any monster show that I’ve ever seen.

Because this time, the real monsters are everywhere and all too real. If we can’t stop this horror show from being renewed, America’s future is doomed.

One thing that the RNC has going for it...

That it has all of the edge of the seat, nail biting excitement of an actuarial analyst convention.

It's amazing that this RNC are acting as if Trump hasn't driven the country into a ditch

"It's not my responsibility," is their motto.

It's mind blowing that Trump and Biden are virtually tied in Minn.

At this point, I'm a loss to explain why Trump is being cut so much slack.

This should not be happening at all.

Got a new HOUSE FIRE SHOW today!


For the life of me, I will never understand how GOPrs perceive basic reality...

It always sounds like they're living on a completely different planet.

Is that a kitten in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Is is just me, or does anyone else believe that subsequent national conventions should be virtual?

I'm really impressed about how this is being done.

I doubt that Republicans can pull off a virtual national convention this well.

Donald Trump killed John Prine

And 170,000 others.

The final House Fire of 4for4

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