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Number of posts: 72,646

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The Letter…

Quite a few people have it in their minds that the letters sent to Bravenak were done by outsiders who are trying to divide and conquer, false flags and the such.

I don't think so, because I've actually read the letter.

I'm considering doing a step-by-step break down of it; not to name the writer, but to identity the letter writer's intent.

It's all there.

Should I give it a shot?

Night Music #119 1989 Leonard Cohen, Sonny Rollins, Ken Nordine, Was (Not Was)

Was (Not Was) - Tell Me That I'm Dreaming

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Stool Pigeon

Airto & Flora Purim - Live In São Paulo / Brazil, 1988

Tom Tom Club - L'Elephant

By Tom Tom Club
© 1981
(transcription by Stephane Osstyn
corrections, notes and English translation by Tina Weymouth)

L'éléphant et l'hippopotame
(The elephant and the hippopotamus)

(Se) Sont déguisés en hommes.
(Disguised themselves as men.)

(Ils) Ont marché au beau village,
(They walked to the beautiful village,)

Marché, marché, marché, marché.
(Walked, walked, walked, walked)

Sur le chemin, (ils) ont rencontré
(On the path, they met)

Des enfants des hommes,
(The children of men)

Et des femmes qui courraient
(And women, who were running,)

Courraient, courraient, courraient, courraient.
(Running, running, running, running)

Tout en courrant, les femmes pleuraient
(As they ran, the women were crying,)

Pleuraient des grosses larmes
(Crying fat tears.)

Grosses gouttes, grosses larmes
(Large drops, big fat tears, were)

Tombaient, tombaient, tombaient, tombaient.
(Falling, falling, falling, falling)

L'éléphant et l'hippopotame
(The elephant and the hippopotamus)

Voulaient savoir ce qu'elles avaient
(Wanted to know what was the matter,)

Voulaient savoir la raison qu'elles
(Wanted to know the reason they were)

Pleuraient, pleuraient, pleuraient, pleuraient.
(Crying, crying, crying, crying.)

Un enfant, tout terrifié,
(A terrified child)

S'est arrêté pour leur parler.
(Stopped to speak with them.)

Sa bouche ouvrait, mais il est resté
(His mouth opened, but he remained)

Muet, muet, muet, muet.
(Mute, mute, mute, mute.)

*Enlevez vos costumes bêtes,
(*"Take off your foolish/beastly costumes,"

Leur chantaient les oiseaux.
(Sang to them the birds.)

**Gobe-mouches pipits, chouettes et hiboux
(**Pipits, screech owls, and owls were)

Chantaient, chantaient, chantaient, chantaient:
(Singing, singing, singing, singing: )

C'est la guerre, la guerre des hommes.
("It is war, the war of men.)

Ils se sont disputés.
(They have quarreled among themselves.)

Tout autour, ils veulent tuer,
(All around, they want to kill,)

Tuer, tuer, tuer, tuer.
(Kill, kill, kill, kill)

Tuer, tuer, tuer, tuer.
(Kill, kill, kill, kill)

Tuer, tuer, tuer, tuer.
(Kill, kill, kill, kill)

Tuer, tuer, tuer, tuer.
(Kill, kill, kill, kill)

Tuer, tuer, tuer, tuer.
(Kill, kill, kill, kill)

Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place

The Tom Tom Club - Pleasure Of Love

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

It's perfectly clear that the ass who wrote those horrible letters to Bravenak has lost...

I'm not totally convinced that the writer is right wing troll, because most of the time they couldn't a fuck about our internal conflicts, which occur all of the time and completely without their kindly assistance.

I truly believe that this is internal. Anyone can be a nasty ass, no matter which candidate they support. Is it a Bernie supporter or a Hillary supporter who wrote the letter? It really doesn't matter. Simply because one of our own has been attacked and most DUers, whether are Bernie or Hillary supporters are voicing their sympathy FOR Bravenak.

THAT is what matters. Not some convoluted, paranoid conspiracy theory, supposedly instituted by right wing stalkers.

As I've said, most of those assholes couldn't give a fuck.

I will say one thing though; if it was really a Bernie supporter, who according to the letter, has lot's of contempt for Black Lives Matter activists and the DUers who support them, they're really not doing their candidate any favors right about now.

The writer of the letter was very, very explicit about what they cared about and they cared about it so much that they even sent the exact same letter to her twice in order to reenforce their message. That should be noted.

A lot of people here are pissed off right now, especially me. Because some coward has attacked one of MY friends, and although I tolerate a lot of bullshit attacking me, it's worse to me when my friends are attacked. Something that I do no stand idly by and say nothing about.

At this point, as I've said, the letter writer has lost. Nobody is going to side with that asshole. No one. What would be best for them is to admit that they wrote the letter and take their lumps.

I've contacted Bravenak on Twitter and she has expressed much appreciation for the support that she's getting from her friends. The writer may think they they've hurt her, and if they do, they couldn't be more wrong. Bravenak is strong and she has loyal friends on HER side.

Since the word got out about those letters, she now has MORE friends and supporters on HER side.

So, yeah, the coward needs to confess. Because we don't need people like that around here at all.

One suggestion, it's pretty obvious whenever an opportunity to express sympathy and support for a fellow DUer is passed up, in order to promote CTs and BS. Don't think that that doesn't go unnoticed.

Thanks for your time…

And I Stand With Bravenak!
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