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If The Donald frees that badger that he's keeping hostage on his head by Halloween…

To the satisfaction of all my conditions and caveats, I will publicly declare that he's a true friend of captive head badgers everywhere and will receive an honorary commendation from the organization that I've just started, Free The Captive Head Badgers of America.

So, Don, if you truly love captive head badgers, and we all know that you do, go ahead and free your own… Do the right thing, my friend.

Gnarls Barkley Live - Part 15- Who´s Gonna Save My Soul

On the divorce news front today…

I really don't give a flying fuck.

You'd almost think that this was already a slow news day.

What is the GOP's worst preexisting medical condition?

It's a good a thing that all of them are covered under Obamacare, right?

So The Donald is going to announce that the President is a failure…

At getting divorced.

Color me impressed.

In other breaking news today, methamphetamines are a really fucked up way to get high.

I can safely say that if anyone calls themselves an "undecided voter" at this stage in the game…

They are, in fact, either a pathological liar and unabashedly vain attention whore, a hermit who's living in a mountain top cave, or someone who's so freaking stupid that they barely have enough fully functional neurons in their brain stem to operate their autonomic nervous system.

The amount of attention that's paid to these dips hits should be shameful to anyone who's doing it.

I will now admit that the Prez's first debate performance left a lot of room for improvement

But in light of the blatancy of all of Mitt Romney's lies, it's a far cry to say that he actually "won" that debate. Because to say that he won that debate, one would have to reject any notion that substance held any import and that all that was being judged were points on style alone.

Well, even I can see the foolishness in such a position, it's so obvious: If style was the only important thing in this world and substance gets you nowhere, then the people who do that endangers themselves in only living lives that are foppishly absurd, blindly delusional, empty and prone to incompetence.

How can anyone take a person like that seriously?

However, the people who awarded the "win" for Romney, strictly on style points, didn't know this when they did it, but they set the stage for Republican defeats in every other debate afterwards. The President understood that that his problem was substance, thus there was nothing to change in that arena. He maintained his own consistent message, he eviscerated the poor substance of Romney and he stepped up his own game by applying the standards of style set by his critics.

In doing this, the President exposed Mitt Romney as that foppishly absurd, blindly delusional, empty and prone to incompetence person that he most certainly is.

Now, the Romney supporters have changed their tune; style points are now irrelevant since their guy did so poorly in that regard. Ah, sour grapes! So when we hear them complain, although we know this and they are loathe to admit it, but they have only themselves to blame for setting the parameters for winning and finding themselves with eggs on their face when the President stepped up his game by applying their precedent as well and maintaining an adherence to substance over style.

Whine as they will, their tears are much more sweeter that watching them preen and gloat.

Don't expect everyone to love, or even like you...

Live and let live, but be sure to take solace in the poor quality of character in your enemies.

When it's mostly the horrible people who are hating you, you must be doing something right.

Attempted ‘lynching’ no joke say parents of Black boys in Arkansas school incident

(FinalCall.com) - Two students were expelled and seven suspended from Wynne High School in Wynne, Ark., but parents of two Black boys, who were victims in what parents call an attempted lynching, are furious, saying justice has not been done and their fear for the safety of their children.

Cheryl Webster said all sorts of things went through her mind but she hadn’t imagined what she was told. Some boys tried to hang Mickey, her child, and his teammate, MaKye McDaniel, with a noose during football practice.

She is furious because of the assault, incensed that school officials waited three days to notify her, and outraged because they illegally questioned Mickey without her presence or knowledge, she told The Final Call. Oddly, before she even knew what was happening, the principal and assistant principal were profusely apologizing, she recalled.

“This is worse than what I even thought it could be. What if my child would have been hung? The first thing they would have said was my son committed suicide. What kind of sh---t, I mean, stuff is that,” Ms. Webster said, restraining herself from cursing and struggling to speak through pain and anger.

She recounted her 14-year-old son’s ordeal: On Sept. 24, another student called him to the back of the weight room. One boy lifted him up while another tried to put a noose across his head and he had to fight them off, she said. “I don’t care if you’re White or Black. What happened to my son should never have happened,” Ms. Webster declared.


I said the exact same thing

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