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Yep, there is a difference…

The only reason that Republicans wear clothes is because they don't make full body condoms

Anyone see that prick, Rick Tyler, on MHP?

Why is it so difficult for these fuckers to sound sane while pumping up support for the GOP?

They must be out to only recruit brain donor assholes, am I right?

Caption this picture

"What they say about you is true, Joe. You'll do anything to meet girls."

If Pres. Obama passed gas, the crybabies at Fox News would accuse him of being a WMD

"Not optimal" is an outrage?

You know, the longer the Republicans concentrate on Libya, the more that they'll find themselves with egg on their faces in the end.

Romney is going to bring in ridiculous talking points from the Right Wing bubble again and get hammered with them like he did in the last debate.

I'm almost salivating at his eventual pnwning!

Mitt Romney's statement about avoiding The View: "B-CAWKK, B-CAWKK, cluck cluck!"

Lame Romney excuses

Instead of going to the former French Indochina, Vietnam, he bravely invaded the country that started the problems to begin with, Colonial France.

When Mitt Romney says that he can fix the economy because he's a businessman...

That's like some guy who says that he can raise cattle because he knows all about bullshit.

His wonderful skill at making lots of money and hiding it in off-shore tax shelters doesn't equate with running America's economy at all. I'm wondering when someone will tell him that to his face.

The Republicans have lost their minds over this Benghazi thing

If the President described the attack as an "Act of Terror", as he plainly said the day after the event (It's on video tape), and they say that he wasn't as specific as he should have been by not calling the act of terror actual terrorism and all of the confusion over the moment a "cover up"…

What the fuck are they talking about?

None of this shit makes any sense at all.

Reince Priebus Forced Back Into Ancient Puzzle Box After Being Tricked Into Saying Name Backwards

WASHINGTON—Startled sources at a GOP fundraiser confirmed Thursday that after being duped into saying his own name backwards, ancient elfin mischief-maker and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus was cast back into the gilded puzzle box that has confined him for millennia.

Priebus, a wily, mystical creature who has reportedly carried out right-wing political trickery at numerous points throughout recorded history, was said to be delivering a speech on traditional family values when he unthinkingly read the words “Subeirp Ecnier” aloud off the teleprompter, immediately causing the lights in the Omni Hotel to flicker and sending a powerful, chilling wind through the convention hall.

Witnesses stated that in the moments after the fateful words were uttered, Priebus reverted to his natural form as a 3-and-a-half-foot-tall wart-covered hobgoblin. As Priebus’ nose grew red and bulbous and the points of his green felt shoes coiled inward, the puzzle box—forged with images of a sword, a skull, and a jackal—shook violently on a nearby tabletop before splitting open and emitting heavy smoke and an eerie purple glow.

“Oh, no, you tricked me!” the irate conservative dwarf is said to have shouted after invoking the curse, his voice growing higher in pitch as he shrank to one-twelfth his normal size. “No, not again! Mark my words: I’ll be back! I’ll come back to get all of you! I always come back! The world hasn’t seen the last of Reince Priebus!”


A Romney/Ryan administration would be an unmitigated disaster for America

And his supporters would never admit it.

All they care about is getting the black guy out of their White House.

"Irrational" is too kind a word for them.
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