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Lookout for the checklist

He's an idiot, it's no secret

I only have one bit of advice regarding BridgeGate...

Always remember that there's a double standard when when comes to Republican scandals and ones by Democrats. You can never make the mistake of equating the two.

The standard for Republican scandals will always be exponentially higher than the Democratic level, which in many cases becomes political poison even if there was absolutely no wrong doing at all.

Unless Christie is either removed from office or thrown in jail, it's safe to assume that he's still a viable nominee for 2016. Sure, Hillary or whomever would hand him back his ass on a silver platter in a national election. But Republicans couldn't be bothered at this stage to muster any outrage against him, unless they are particular GOPers who intend to run against him in a primary. And even some of those are holding their forked tongues.

I wish that people would quit saying that he's doomed, especially if those people are either Democrats or lefty pundits. The bottom line is that their opinions really don't matter. Instead, pay close attention to what GOP politicians and right wing pundits have to say on this Sunday's set of morning talk shows. It's still early, but make sure to note what they say about Christie from weekend to weekend.

If by this time next month the Righties aren't calling for Christie's head, or for some reason, Bridgegate falls from public attention and Christie is still in office, he would have successfully skated and is well on his way to being declared the GOP front-runner for 2016.

The only way to stop that from happening is for reporters to dig deeper, find Christie's smoking gun and wave it loud and clear in a way that even Republicans will all admit that his career hopes are in the sewer.

Otherwise, barring something like a health reason, don't count him out.

Fabulous Sea Slug doesn't give a fuck, because fabulous sea slug is too busy being fabulous


Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes Brown Eyes

Oprah discusses Racism ft Jane Elliot - pt 1 & 2

Newly discovered medieval art from the failed Giant Snail Invasion of 1064

The rare depiction of an Anglo-Saxon soldier battling a giant French snail

Two famed British art historians, Simon Symington-Shufflebottom and Giles Twickworthy Hight-Beazley, have announced the discovery of an only surviving painting, depicting the little known 2nd of June 1064 Giant Snail Invasion of England. The failed invasion, near what is now known as the city of Liverpool by the Duke of Breton, Mollusceur the Third, was remarkable for it's poor location. Ironically, this area was also known for its close proximity to the ancient salt mines of Cheshire.

The defeat of Duke Mollosceur's giant snail legions by the Anglo-Saxon Prince, Gerald the Salty, second cousin twice removed to Edward the Confessor, happened at what the Bretons called the Battle of Escargot Le Grand. After Prince Gerald's forces spread piles of newly mined rock salt before the advance of Molloscuer's troops, the halted invasion force was set upon by a battalion of ravenous infantry, who were also in a fit of irony named, "The Snail Eaters."

The harrowing battle lasted one day and was described as quite appetizing, as local wines and giant pots of cooked vegetables were all carried in haste to the battlefield on the backs of fair maidens. Gerald's Snail Eaters were also remarkable for their part in the defeat of King Bovinus of Norway at the 1065 Battle of Cows near present-day Scarborough. From that point on, the battalion changed their name to the more familiar title of "The Beefeaters."

Overshadowed by the success of the second 11th Century Norman invasion by William the Conqueror, Mollosceur's debacle was thought to have been completely excised from all historical records. That was until the rare book sized painting was found buried in a medieval tomb near Ffynnongroyw, Wales, uncovered by construction workers who were building a new Hooters franchise restaurant.

Symington-Shufflebottom and Twickworthy Hight-Beazley announced that the painting is to be displayed in the Sainsbury Wing Exhibition of the National Gallery, beside other rare artworks and artifacts from such little remembered periods of British history, as the Unfortunate Harpsichord Migration of 1788 and Prince Edward's collection of passed gallstones.

Gimme some sugar…

For full effect, this has to be done in L.A.

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