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I'm going to be making a batch of raspberry and cranberry cheese cake cupcakes tonight

Should the fruit go inside the cupcakes or just on top?


Meanwhile, over at the local Kmart...

Regulations for Pissing on Cheney’s Grave Announced

DC – The National Park Service announced today that, responding to popular demand, it is preparing rules and regulations for pissing on the grave of Dick Cheney.

“It’s important to remember,” said a spokesman, “That Cheney does not have an actual grave at this time since he is not dead. However, public interest in pissing on his grave makes it increasingly urgent to have plans in place.”

“Ordinarily, we do not encourage urinating in public places. However, Cheney is so universally hated that we see no practical way of keeping it from happening, and have decided instead to regulate it like any other recreational activity.”

Once the final resting place of Dick Cheney is determined, NPS will conduct hydro geological studies to determine the likely drainage. “This is an important health measure,” said the spokesman, “Remember, the grave will house the rotting remains of Dick Cheney, a heavy load on the well being of whatever community it curses. We may have to install a large septic field as it is. Charging a small fee for pissing on Cheney’s grave may be the only way to recoup those costs.”


"Gotta get out, gotta get out..."

"Gotta. Get. Out!"

"Oh, fuck it!"

I have no idea why ANYONE takes FOX NEWS seriously at all...

Fact: Cops have an inherent and legally enforced fear of black people

And all the legal justification required for the use of force is simply the fear that their lives or the lives of others are in danger. The life of black person they're killing rarely comes into that equation.

Hence any object that any black male could be holding could be "reasonably" construed as a weapon, from a toy gun, to a wallet or even a candy bar ...And unarmed bulk, let's not forget unarmed bulk. It really doesn't matter to cops when they shoot black males, because they already think that all black males are dangerous criminals anyway and the entire system is set up to defend the actions of the police. The media as well jumps on that bandwagon.

To cops, black people have no rights that they're ever bound to respect, at least not when a camera is turned on them. And some times when they are.

Another poster suggested that blacks should negotiate in these situations. Don't be silly. As soon as the police show up, the situation immediately goes down hill for the black person in question. It all depends on varying degrees of bad at that point, even to where there's a black corpse lying in the street. The fault, of course, will usually reside with the black victim according to the system and their supporters. Even when it's obvious that the problem was police escalation in the first place. But the police are allowed to escalate, that's part of the system as well.

This is America. It's always been that way for black people. It's not as if those whites among us who only depend on their own white privilege and deference to police authority will ever understand and care about what's really going on for and to black people. We see a lot of that especially when the conversation turns to how the police treats black people, and these people, even here, clearly show a demonstrable degree of unwillingness to understand another perspective and display fervent defensiveness of cop behavior.

The lack of empathy is a sure sign that they don't care either. Obviously, the onus will always be on black people to demonstrate to white America that they're not some kind of threat. Of course, that bar is pretty damn high for most black people to meet, but hey, those are the rules.

But as it is always for those in any privileged class, such as cops and some beneficiaries of white supremacy in general, black people will always be considered objects of fear and derision in this country and their lives not regarded as equally valuable. Once white supremacy and the crypto-fascism that's employed to enforce it are both abolished only then will we see any improvement.

That's why more black bodies will be lying in our streets, it's only a matter of time.

I'm sure she's ready, willing and rarin' to go...

For future reference...

It is very tiring indeed to always be considered the "enemy"...

Check this out...

Do you see this? Do you see how unbothered they are? Absolutely no sympathy for the mother as she cries aloud. They don’t see her pain and they’re standing right next to her. When Antonio Martin was shot, he was still breathing, he died right where he laid. His mother watched her son die before her. The cop didn’t call the medical unit. That’s all the evidence you need to realize these cops don’t care!! Shooting to wound isn’t something they practice. Shoot to kill is

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