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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
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Angela Davis



Minstrel Krampus - You Get The Rod & Krampus and Steve's song

Because you need some added direction in your hectic life, it's time for another ASK MrScorpio...

In these uncertain times, a sure tested voice of reason and common sense is required to help make sense of an ostensibly senseless world. That is why I'm taking this time out to help those of you who wish to partake on this exercise and in these times of need to lend my unique perspective and even impart an encouraging word or two. It's the least of what I can do for all of you who have, in turn, given me so much enrichment to my own life.

So, please, take some time out from your busy day, and allow me help resolve a troubling matter for you, lend some advice, assess an incident or just partake of some playful banter. This is all about you and for you, of course.

As always, you may or may not approve of the answers that I give you, but I do promise to answer you in an honest and straight-forward way.

So, I welcome you all to this moment of awe and wonder… Welcome to Ask MrScorpio!

The curtain rises, the house lights brighten, the players are entering the scene, let the magic begin.

Darth Cheney explains...

Cuban exiles and GOPers need to realize that the Cold War ended more than two decades ago

New horizons create new opportunities.

The purpose of torture...

An impotent show of bravado.

Once you start torturing, you've already lost. Torturing someone is just the tacit admission that you're weak. Torturing is just the pathological inability to admit it.

Trained and experienced FBI interviewers all know that there's nothing to be gained from it. Which is why they refrain from it.

Yet, Bush and Cheney hired some quack to say otherwise and paid him millions of dollars as a way to build false legitimacy for his work.

Torture is sadism and inhumanity… And ultimately self-defeating. Those who torture lose the moral high ground.

Will Rogers...

Man shot by police officers during traffic stop

A man was shot by two officers during a traffic stop after police said he was acting suspiciously.

The shooting happened in front of a convenience store on Buffalo Speedway and West Fuqua. Police pulled over a car, but HPD said a man inside the car wouldn't listen to their commands, even after he was shot multiple times by officers.

"When I was about to walk into the store, I heard gunshots, so immediately I turned around and grabbed my son and got us both on the ground," said witness Laquesha Spencer.

Police said the shots were fired after the passenger inside the silver car would not co-operate with officer's orders to sit still and put his hands up.


John Coltrane - What Child Is This?

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