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Supremes - My Favorite Things

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Meglio Stasera

I Feel Good...

Just watched the funniest TV spot ever

It played during the half-time of the Packers-Bills game. Apparently, Dish Network is planning on dropping Fox News.

The ad showed all the worst of the worst (you know who they are) and warned viewers that, unless Dish is stopped, viewers risk losing the "#1 cable news network."

They then flashed some URL for people to appeal to Dish to keep Fox.

I have cable, but I'd love to call Dish and tell them to drop away.

Time for another edition of Thank God I Never Had Kids...

#1: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1018630050


Having THAT talk with your kids...

That one little detail...

Just to put this out there, I'm not really on anyone's 2016 bandwagon right at this very moment. My mind really isn't made up. What I want to see are the Democratic Party primaries and see all the candidates go toe-to-toe. Since the only person that I'm planning to vote for is going to come out of that process, that's the only one that I'm interested in. So, no matter who comes out on top, that is who will have my vote in the end, win or lose.

I'm a firm believer in NOT holding any grudges AFTER the primary process is completed. Once the electorate chooses our candidate, then I believe that it's our obligation to send that person to the White House.

I'm a partisan. I make no qualms about it. It's either our guy or theirs, and I believe that any other way to consider the process is naive and juvenile, whenever someone partakes of the process and holds those grudges when unity is called for.

So whether it's going to be Sanders, Warren, Clinton or any other Democrat in the end, at this very moment, none of that is any of my concern. But whoever it is, I hope that the best person wins.

Now with said, the American voter usually has a different idea about the qualities that make up the best choice for president. And on both sides of the political spectrum, after looking at winners during my own lifetime, which is basically the entire television era of America politics, there is one salient aspect about the people that we do send to the Oval Office… And that feature is none other than CHARISMA.

Charisma is both tangible and intangible, it's the easy smile and connection that candidates have with most voters. It's the thing that helps the voter say, "That's MY guy/gal!" Unfortunately, it's not a purely intellectual connection, it's an emotional one. It really doesn't matter if the candidate says all the right things, if the people they're talking to don't want to listen to them. It's an unfortunate fact about American politics that most voters are not all that savvy. They are easily swayed by propaganda, and candidate imagery can be skewed at the drop of the hat. Then there's the vast amount of money that shoveled into the political process, where the truth and images are shaped and molded to meet a particular image.

But in spite of that, even if you can fake sincerity, but you can't fake charisma. Who has it and who doesn't will separate the winners from the also rans. If you're NOT factoring charisma into the over all picture, you made be unpleasantly surprised by the outcome. Frankly, this is a pretty shameful part of our political system and how snakes and monsters can end up running the show. In spite of the fact that that every single Republican voted into office from 1968-2000 cheated to get there, they all garnered enough votes to prevent overall reasonable doubt about their legitimacy. If they all lost the general elections outright, and lacked the requisite charisma so that their legitimacy was in doubt in the minds of all voters, the outcomes would have been vastly different.

Charisma has the effect of adding votes that aren't even there. Lack of it can subtract votes that are there.

My only advice to all of you is to not expect the American voter to make a purely intellectual connection to whomever is eventually chosen. AS a matter of fact, by only depending on intellectual strengths to get elected, that candidate will have a severe disadvantage against someone else who exhibits a significant amount of general charisma, despite a lesser amount of intellectual prowess. And I'm quite sure that the American voter has NOT learned their lesson that by only depending on general charisma to choose a president, they're setting themselves and the country up for a tremendous failure.

Don't expect most voters to be able to explain why and how they've arrived at their decision to vote for a particular candidate, if they're primarily swayed by that candidate's overall charismatic charms. Sure, the eggheads amongst us can explain, in detail, why they support one person over the other. The thing that you must remember is that eggheads are in the minority and sometimes miss the boat when it comes to what aspects are generally relied upon by the majority.

So what should you be looking for in a winner?

- You should be looking for someone who looks comfortable in their own skin.

- You should be looking for someone who can get the audience to follow along with them when they're speaking.

- Someone with a natural smile and an easy way around people.

- Someone whose words relate to the lives of those they're talking to.

- Someone who communicates in a down to earth manner, and who can explain complex topics in ways that most laypeople can understand.

- Someone who has the qualities of a natural leader, not just a walking encyclopedia.

- Someone who people feel comfortable in placing their hopes and dreams.

The problem about all of this is obvious: None of this guarantees that the person chosen to lead all of us will be a good President. As a matter of fact, we've seen people who have done all of these things become horrible presidents. But as I've said before, don't expect the American voter to have learned that lesson.

But that doesn't mean that we can't have both. As a matter of fact, I know that our side is in a much better position to put the right person WITH charisma into the White House, much more than the Republicans ever will. And that's simply because today's Republican Party has taken the worst position on EVERYTHING.

So, as you gauge our candidates in the Democratic Party while they're facing off against one another, please take into consideration the charisma factor. Shut off your brain for a moment and take the time to listen to your heart. Sure, it won't be easy to do that, but it could help choose the best of what we have to offer… A winner.

In conclusion, just consider this deep, dark secret about American politics, is that the best way to the American voter's own heart is with a sincere candidate who has genuine charisma. Just be aware of that, if a charismatic candidate can fake that sincerity, they just may be able to get away with anything. And things will suck big time with that person in office.

None of us wants that again.

Happy 12-13-14, everybody!
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