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Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Winter Wonderland

Ella Fitzgerald - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I take it that this is Trump's way of celebrating the last day of Hanukkah

I wonder if Jared put Sholom Rubashkin's name in Trump's ear.

Anyway, giving campaign donations ONLY to Republicans helps out in the end, right?

How the Internet works...


Looks like some folks are finally getting it through their heads.



Republican fear their rich donors more than they do the ordinary folks who voted for them...

It's about time that they realize just who they should be afraid of instead.

2018 is coming.

It all fits a pattern...


I'm going to leave this right here...


The Republican Party and their oligarch masters are slowly turning the US into a 3rd world country

With the way that they're exacerbating wealth inequality, militarizing our society, stripping away national institutions and tearing away the social safety net. We're doing this to ourselves, mostly because it's the will of the rich and powerful to create wealth on the backs of everyone else and destroy the democratic means to resist their efforts.

The problem is that half the electorate are willing participants in this journey to self-destruction. It's massive brainwashing to become servants of the overclass. Sure, the left is technically in the majority in this country. But the left also has reduced clout due to things like gerrymandering and no control over the national media. We will definitely regain a modicum of control of government after near future elections, but it's clear that, in the long term, the effort to roll back regressive right wing policies will be monumental.

Not to mention the fact that much of our effort will be unfocused and disorganized and thwarted by the media and a GOP minority.

I think that it's time for the Democratic Party leaders be informed what our priorities for them should be once we take back Congress and hopefully, the White House right after that.

Easy stuff first, harder stuff in the long run. And unlike the undemocratic way that the GOPrs have shoved this tax scam bill down our throats, our process needs to be down above board and under regular order... Along with a massive mobilization along the lines of the protest movement that erupted in the wake of Trump's power grab.

Wingers will lie and distort our methods to save all of our collective asses from the pitfalls of a national regression. The media will play their bullshit as credible, because truth no longer matters to them. All they're interested in is the play-by-play. Besides ourselves, our greatest obstacle is overcoming their propaganda in the minds of the too easily influenced.

We need a plan for that.

I hope that the work is being accomplished and we find a way to have on all by the upcoming year.

Any ideas what our short term and long term priorities should be? I'd like your take on all of this.
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