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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,090

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Now that Maria Butina has pleaded guilty to funneling Russian money to GOPrs thru the NRA

Letís all see that list of GOPr dupes for the Russians.

Iím sure that the names will be familiar to us all.

Seeing how 2019 is a special year in Blade Runner you

I think that it would be prudent to create a Roy Batty Republican Replicant Award For Cultishness Extraordinaire.

Whoís up for handing this puppy to Pence?

"Award winning?" Fat chance.

Pure, Uncut Evil...

Trump declares that, as far as he's concerned, crime is not a crime...

-The World respond accordingly.

Dance, dance, dance!

As relevant as ever!

Pick a WHCOS for Cheetolini

The Republican Party attacks American democracy...

She's "that" close...

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