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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,090

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Yeah, I watched "Ready Player One" last night

Looks like they tried to put every single pop cultural reference of the last 100 years in that movie.

It's probably the least original movie ever made.

To Chuck Todd...

Herpetologists Discover Species Of Frogs That Evolved To Spontaneously Grow Top Hat And Cane

ATHENS, OH—Claiming the finding could shed new light on the diversity of amphibian life, scientists from Ohio University announced Thursday that they had discovered a new species of frog that had evolved the ability to spontaneously grow a top hat and cane. “While in many ways resembling a common bullfrog, Lithobates michiganus is unique for its capability of springing onto its hind legs and dancing with a tiny hat and cane, likely as a way of defending itself from predators,” said lead researcher Masha Rossi, noting that the amphibian’s practice of belting out “I’m Just Wild About Harry” and “Hello! Ma Baby” in a booming baritone was likely a trait developed in order to attract potential mates. “This frog can be identified in the wild by its distinctive green-and-yellow coloration as well as its powerful hind legs adapted for both razzle and dazzle. This amphibian has a truly striking method of locomotion as it boldly sashays from lily pad to lily pad.” Rossi added that this announcement constituted the most significant advancement in the herpetological field since last year’s discovery of a sleepy-eyed tortoise imbued with the extraordinary ability to beat a rabbit in a footrace.


Taking Nominations for the Trump Administration Official Career Death Pool

Let’s do it a little different this time. Rather than choosing from a name that I’d give you, you choose the name of the Trump Administration Official and the date on which they’re going to lose their phony baloney job.


- Pick as many as you want, however, you only get a single date for each official.

- Officials with resignation dates already announced, or those with temporary jobs are excluded. Otherwise, everyone else is game.

- Please bookmark this thread for future references. Winners will be announced as needed.

Come and get your shiny No-Prizes. You can’t win if you don’t play.

Congrats to DUer, Brother Buzz on winning the John Kelly WHCOS Career Death Pool

By picking 5 September, the latest date of all the guesses, he came the closest and is now the recipient of this shiny No-Prize.


Let’s all congratulate Brother Buzz on a job well done.

Got a brand new HOUSE FIRE SHOW about to start, TUNE IN!


Most adorable little murder machine ever!

On Tumblr's policy change...

Just about all of the memes and cute pics and gifs that I post on DU come from Tumblr. I use it because the pics are so easy to cross-post.

Now with the change to the site, there's going to be a huge loss of contributors to glean from. The site is clearly fucking itself over and more than likely, headed on its way to MySpaceVille.

I have to warn all of you that I'm, more than likely, not going to post as many memes and pics as I have in the past because of this Tumblr mess.

Hopefully I can find a source that's just as convenient as Tumblr has been in the past.

I apologize for any future lack of funny and interesting shit.

Fabulous Bunny Rabbit doesn't give a fuck, because Fabulous Bunny Rabbit is too busy being fabulous

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