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Mr. Scorpio

Mr. Scorpio's Journal
Mr. Scorpio's Journal
October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

I hope the best for all of you.

October 31, 2022


How old were you when you were first conceived?

What is your favorite food that you’ve never eaten?

Does God believe in you?

Why would you do that thing and would you do it again?

Do you actually live up to the aspirations of the cat that owns you?

October 30, 2022

Hey, Everybody.

Today is All Hallow's Eve, Devil's Night is tonight and tomorrow is Halloween.

If you've been around DU for awhile, then you'd know that this is the time of year where I get a little active with my "Halloween is Coming" posts in The Lounge and my "Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil" here in GD that I've done for the last 15 years.

I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't done one so far and I'm not planning on doing them anymore. Now before you get overly concerned, it's not for anything serious going on with me... I'm cool.

I've decided not to do one because I'm tired and I'm feeling that the horrible turn that the country is going down right now is much too serious. Last year, I lost a family member around this time of year and my heart started to move away from the process.

This entire year, my heart has pretty much left it. Besides, I think that 15 straight years of nothing more than an elaborate poll is enough. No more awards for horrible wingnuts, shit's too serious now for these reprehensible traitors.

Right now, all I have to say is vote as if are lives are depending on it, because they are.

One last thing, if any of you are interested in doing a Halloween poll for evil nut jobs, not as if I'm ever expecting such a thing... Please, be my guest. Like I said, I'm tired with it.

Anyway, that being said, Happy Halloween and see y'alls at the polls.

October 21, 2022

An old man is sitting in a darkened room, being interrogated by two guards

Guard: “I want you to sign ze papers, old man.”

Old Man: “These papers? I can’t read them. What do they say?”

Guard: “They are merely a statement that you have not been tortured. Now sign ze papers.”

Old Man: “I can’t sign ze papers.”

Guard: “SIGN ze papers and you will be released!”

Old Man: “But I can’t, I can’t.”

Guard: “You WILL sign ze papers.”

Old Man: “It’s impossible, I cannot sign ze papers.”

Guard: “‘Impossible?’ Tell me, why is it impossible for you to sign ze papers?”

*Old man holds up his hands

Old Man: “Because you have broken my fingers.”

October 17, 2022

Halloween Is Coming! #76

October 17, 2022

Halloween Is Coming! #77

October 17, 2022

Halloween Is Coming! #78

October 17, 2022

Halloween Is Coming! #79

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