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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,382

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Anyway I was just staring at the Looking Glass

And I was just thinking back about a bartender named Brandy.

You know sheís a fine girl, right?

What a good wife she would be. But unfortunately for the man that she loved, his life, love and lady is the sea.

Imposter syndrome is real

Just saying.

I'm considering the best place to move, were I to hit a big jackpot

Outside of several foreign countries on my list (Topmost: Bali and Amsterdam), Iíve decided that my #1 choice is Ann Arbor, MI.

Itís close to my hometown, and even closer to Detroit Metro Airport.

Iím a four seasons weather kind of guy and Iím used to all four in this state (especially Autumn).

That town would have everything Iíd ever want for my jackpot life and itís neither too big or too small. Plus, Iím sure that I could find a place nearby a pondÖ And trees.

Where would be your jackpot destination?
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