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I am proud to be part of the Sanders group...

After watching the debate last night, I'm no longer convinced that Hilary is a true democrat. More like a Republican in Democrats clothing. I've been voting since 1976, Democratic all the way, and I'm simply appalled at the tactics that team Hilary is using. In all my years of voting, I've never seen the supporters of one candidate attacked, demeaned and trashed the way Sanders supporters have been. This is not the way Democrats are supposed to act toward one another and it is indicative of the rightward turn our party has taken in recent years. That this tactic by Hilary is accepted and even pushed by the party elite is despicable.

I can no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. I'm considering going Independent if Hilary wins the nomination. I choose to vote my conscience this time. Hilary is trashing the party with her tactics and I don't think she really cares what damage she is doing to the democratic brand. Her blind ambition knows no limits and the deployment of republican tactics will win her no converts in her quest to gain crown and scepter.
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