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Member since: 2002
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....and let's hear it for the inventor of the Shop-Vac! :)

Just sucked up 6 inches of water/leaves/other gack from the basement stairwell where water was coming in very much uninvited.

I bought it the last time we had stupid amounts of rain
(and three inches of standing water in the basement)

I got it at the Sniper Depot. As the guy in the orange apron was getting a pallet of the things down and cutting away the shrink wrap, another shopper who had joined the gaggle gathered round like vultures surrounding a lion pride's kill asked "How much are they?" To which I replied instantly "Does it matter?" (a tip o' the hat to Wednesday Addams)

Prior to this I had a tiny 2.5 gallon wet/dry. This monster can suck up 30 gallons of water in about as many seconds! (insert Tim Allen grunting)

Hunkered down in Falls Church near your beautiful Nation's Capital.


From Facebook: You never know who might show up at the local phone bank!

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