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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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For those who campaign for BS... this is it in a nutshell.. "Some folks are trying to make something

out of nothing.”

In Iowa, Democratic activists not upset by Clinton’s Sept. 11 comments


Thank you so much for this, DM M!

"Seventy-seven percent of Democratic insiders surveyed called Clinton the winner, saying that of

the three candidates on the stage, she showed the most presidential stature."

These Dems in NH get it.

Just go on being "pure" and avoid issues you don't want to talk about, Bernie. It's working so well.

“He made a mistake right off the bat in switching from Paris to the economy, and had an uneven

performance,” a New Hampshire Democrat said."

His opening statement didn't go over with these NH Dems.

from your link..

"Focused entirely on his base which demands the pure," said an unaligned Iowa Democrat. "Worst answer: Asked directly how he would work with a GOP Congress, he argued that the Political Revolution would sweep aside all in its path.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/insiders-bad-night-for-bernie-215901#ixzz3rZFddBKv

Unreal. Thank you, su.

Thanks JT.. this is a comprehensive OP!

"10:23 PM: Okay, this debate has clarified things for me: I'm not supporting Martin O'Malley."

Was curious why Josh Marshall say that..?


Yes. It's a fact. Obviously a fact some can't handle..

here's an analysis that calls her the winner, barely, and " sometimes cheaply". LOL because she supposedly "pandered" and most "cynical" moment in the debate.. when she said most of her donors are women. Tough Crowd!

Clinton responded to this with perhaps her most cynical moment of the campaign so far. “Not only do I have hundreds of thousands of donors, most of them small,” she said. “I'm very proud that for the first time a majority of my donors are women, 60 percent.” That pander got applause. As did the following one: “I represented New York, and I represented New York on 9/11 when we were attacked. Where were we attacked? We were attacked in downtown Manhattan where Wall Street is. I did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. That was good for New York.”

He also thought the mod did a terrific job.. now I ask you, is he biased or what?

Saturday’s debate, moderated superbly by Slate political columnist and Face the Nation host John Dickerson, was the opportunity for Clinton’s challengers to take the assault more directly to Clinton in front of whatever portion of the country watches political debates on Saturday nights between 9 and 11 p.m.


NO Wonder his aides pitched such fit when they discovered the debate would shift to Foreign Policy

because of the horrific terrorist massacre in Paris.


"The problem is that everyone was aware of what Sanders’s campaign was about. And this simply wasn’t the moment for a rehash."

end snip//

"Now it makes sense why Sanders’ camp didn’t want him riffing on foreign policy. "

Really. Says BS won and then says Hill's fans aren't capable of thinking... Typical MO in

bernie's name. Translation.. insults are all they have and Bernie didn't win anything.

Yes! I was thinking earlier that this is like a mini Benghazi hearing .. with the inquisition and

and Hillary just showing how strong she is against the inquisitors.


"With All Due Respect.."

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