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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I haven't read that crap, either.. but berni's fans want his past buried or hidden as it is in

this case. So, it must not be so perfect.

Mustn't talk about his past.. Shhhhhhhh!

Big Effin Secret!

President Obama is a complete success.. the chattering brainwashed class don't have

a freaking clue.

@pollreport The way Barack Obama is handling his job as president:
Approve 50%

Disapprove 45%
(Gallup tracking, 11/12-14)
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10:03 AM - 16 Nov 2015


Thank you for this, she.

Excellent, rivers! Thank you!

Thank you for that, yardwork.. I just got back and might have

missed it.

Wow! I missed reading that the first time around.. and glad I read it. The truth really does hurt!

Why in the hell are they trying to keep DU from the truth? And, I say "trying" because it ain't workin'.. sure the guys got hides but they took one for the TEAM! And, it's out there now. You can't unsee that shite.

geek, ChiTownKev, NuclearDem

"We’ve made a lot of progress in those seven years since President Obama took office. But we’ve

still got a long road in front of us."

I like how she puts that, HNY. She acknowledges what been accomplished by Pres Obama but knows how much further we have to go with Hillary as our next President.

Fmr. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter NH..


Thank you!

Yeah, don't be so "mean", bravenak.. think of

their sensibilities after they spent months raging on #BLM and tearing you apart because you left Bernie.

It's just like they expect the AA community to appreciate sanders after how they treated #BLM post Netroots Nation and Seattle. And, how BS has treated President Obama..

They get nothing.

Yes, I was at your "funeral" incognito..

Actually wasn't yours at all.. they just wanted it to be. Turned out to be somebody else's..


yeah, it proves who the bullies are.. and how strong and brave you are.

LMAO! Yes, they really had to get down with their bully bad selves calling you a "troll" ad nauseam to prove what a "bully" you are..

Ya think, bernie?! And, if he keeps saying dumb stuff like..

"I'm not running because I think it's my turn.." he's not ever getting anywhere.

Nobody thinks it's their damn turn.. everyone is working hard and has been for years.

You're right, brave.. I think he seriously lacks any community organizing skills.. not the way he's turned off so many of President Obama Supporters. That's just unnecessary. The cover up is worse.. because then it just highlights what he did.. again. He should have owned it.


P.S. I should have added the link with this snip~

"The two senators focused on economic themes at the start of an intensive three-day push in the Sunshine State, a critical battleground that voted for President Bush in the last two elections but where Mr Obama now has a slight edge in the polls.

As Mrs Clinton made a heartfelt appeal to her supporters "to work as hard for Barack as you did for me", her husband, former president Bill Clinton, turned out for Mr Obama nearly 3,000 miles to the west in another battleground, Nevada.

In a trio of stops, Mr Clinton pressed the case for an Obama presidency, arguing he was the candidate best suited to restoring the "American dream" and repairing "America's standing in the world".


Thank you, she. We're all in this together for the heart and soul of our Country and the

Planet! Not even exaggerating. Hillary and President Obama realize that and they're great role models.

What the hell even happened in 2008 is so off my radar.. it's now that's important.

And, Hillary has even more experience to be an excellent President like her predecessor. This is the reality. I cannot wait until they're out their campaigning together in 2016 like they did in 2008.. that is my vision.

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