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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thank you for this, BlueMT.. I'm really glad that

GN Omar is making his case for Hillary.

I've found from supporting her for all this time that she gets a bad rap for things that aren't even true.

If the "media" told the truth about Hillary and the truth about trump.. this race would not even be this close.

More Than 1 Million US Muslims Now Registered to Vote


Damn! And, here's the SS report on what happened..

Jim Acosta
✔ ‎@Acosta
Secret Service on Reno
4:56 PM - 5 Nov 2016
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Gracias for this, PPN! It beyond despicable that trump is turning this into a giant pity party for his cowardly self.

OH Dawg.. that made me LOL Because it is so


Thank you, ffr.. love to have that for my journal!

The Clinton campaign is sending Barack Obama to Detroit the day before the election.

Daniel Dale
✔ ‎@ddale8
The Clinton campaign is sending Barack Obama to Detroit the day before the election.
11:14 AM - 5 Nov 2016
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Robby Mook on returning to Michigan..

Katherine Miller
✔ ‎@katherinemiller
Per pool, here's Mook on the Michigan trip
11:57 AM - 5 Nov 2016
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LOL@this Tweet..

Miles Gibson ‏@MilesGib 3h3 hours ago
@RalstonReports The convenient thing about bigots is they like to demonstrate how stupid they are. Efficiently done, Michael McDonald!

Thanks ffr.. this is great news!

I hope so.. wasn't it Nate who was so off about Michigan?

Just saw this Tweet on Sam Wang's feed..

Sam Wang ‏@SamWangPhD 6h6 hours ago
Sam Wang Retweeted Clara Jeffery
Good thing there isn't anything serious to do, like figure out what's happening in Senate, or interpret early voting, or go get out the vote


I read not too long ago that we were probably going to lose Harry's seat..

That was before the sleeping giant woke up and Latinos went out en masse to vote for Hillary and Catherine Cortez Masto!

Did trump campaign much in Nevada.. anyone know?

Aloha, BlueCali

Yes and the FBI.. how ironic they're leaking stories whining about Hillary not keeping

info private.

And, this other email scandal.. hear much about that except on the cover of Newsweek?

Newsweek ✔ ‎@Newsweek
Read our latest cover story on how Donald Trump's companies destroyed or hid key documents. http://bit.ly/2f41IOg
2:18 AM - 31 Oct 2016
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Wow! That is so creatively Awesome!!!!

I Love It! Thank you, Nancy~
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