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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Early Look @NYDN:"You Don't Say" Melania's Speech Overlooks Hubby's Bullying

New York Daily News
✔ ‎@NYDailyNews
Early look at tomorrow's front page...
Melania speech overlooks hubby's bullying
4:05 PM - 3 Nov 2016
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Good ol NYDN does it Again!

The tweets are coming from inside the house..


Cover of Der Speigel.."The Germans tried to warn us about this Existential Threat in January

Cornelia ‎@PaladinCornelia
The Germans tried to warn us about this Existential Threat in January.
(They know a little something about fascists)

Wahnsinn = Lunacy.
5:30 AM - 3 Nov 2016
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H/T https://theobamadiary.com/2016/11/03/president-obamas-day-in-jacksonville/

February 1, 2016

America's Agitator

Donald Trump Is the World's Most Dangerous Man


Donald Trump is the leader of a new, hate-filled authoritarian movement. Nothing would be more harmful to the idea of the West and world peace than if he were to be elected president. George W. Bush's America would seem like a place of logic and reason in comparison.


Trump Wants A Ruthless America

"Believe me, I'll change things. And again, we're going to be so respected. I don't want to use the word 'feared,'" he told the audience. But that is precisely what Trump wants: to be feared. His bid for the White House, long ridiculed, is a fight for a ruthless, brutal America. Behind his campaign slogan "Make America great again!" is the vision of a country that no longer cares about international treaties, ethnic minorities or established standards of decency.

The Rest of the Story.. Good Article!http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/donald-trump-is-the-most-dangerous-man-in-the-world-a-1075060.html

Exactly, she.. unbelieveable historic times and here we are!


Good on Hillary! Love the pic of Hillary Clinton and Pharrell!

Thank you, rivers!

Still very long lines to get into Obama Clinton rally. At one time it was over a mile long..

Jim Piggott
✔ ‎@wjxtjimpiggott
Still very long lines to get into Obama Clinton rally. At one time it was over a mile long. It's still growing
7:44 AM - 3 Nov 2016
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JUST IN: Line closes for President Obama rally at UNF. All others will go into overflow.

✔ ‎@wjxt4
JUST IN: Line closes for President Obama rally at UNF. All others will go into overflow.
8:02 AM - 3 Nov 2016
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Yes! Reporting from deadline, too. Social Media doing m$m's job for them.

#ImWithTur Still Trending After Donald Trump Taunts NBC Reporter Katy Tur Again

We have massive crowds. There is something happening. They’re not reporting it,” the GOP nominee bellowed, pointing to the cameras and media pen at his rally. “Katy, you’re not reporting it, Katy. But there is something happening, Katy. There is something happening, Katy.”

Once again #ImWithTur began trending this morning, and still was trending hours later, as journalists and Trump nonfans tweeted in support of the reporter who has been embedded with the Trump campaign. It’s not the first time the media has risen to Trump’s bait when he’s taken off after Tur; the hashtag reportedly was born in the summer after he repeatedly singled her out with his elementary school-style bullying.

Among Trump’s taunts: He once told Tur to be quiet during a news conference; he told pals at Fox & Friends his campaign does not let people talk to Tur because she’s “not a very good reporter”; and, during another of his well-received Media Are Scum spouts at a rally, he told enthusiastic supporters where they could find “Little Katy, third-rate journalist.”


Mahalo Yo

Yay, KO again! Katy Tur was his girlfriend.. he did an excellent

supporting and calling out trump for the wannabe DICtator he is.

TY, niyad

TY Avalux!

"Can I talk to the press for a second? This has got to be on the level. Don't pretend that Republicans and Democrats are equally obstructionist. It's just not true! You've got some Republicans saying they're going to impeach Hillary, they don't know why, they're just going to impeach her. Imagine if you had sitting Democratic Senators saying that about Donald Trump - that he will be impeached. Gridlock is not something that descends on Washington like a fog. Gridlock isn't happening because both sides are corrupt. Gridlock happens when Republican senators like Marco Rubio purposefully oppose anything, just to oppose it. If you think gridlock is good then you should vote for Republicans. But if you believe that Americans can do better, then you need to vote for Democrats up and down the ticket!"
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