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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 269,197

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I hope you don't mind...

Yeah, after the majority in the

country found out what trump was really like they want him the fuck outta here.

Not sure why she doesn't know that..

or anyone else who doesn't.. especially after the Blue Wave of 2018 when we took back the House with all kinds of Dems. Moderates being the Majority.

We were able to stop all kinds of trump Hell from Happening and righteously get him Impeached.. which did not Mess with out Victory in 2020.

Congratulations getting your first Dem in your District in 30 years, and a woman, getting
That's super good news!

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Are Progressive!

Segal needs to get up to Speed!

Right now the Biden TEAM is out there on the Front Lines Fighting the Attempted trump COUP.

That's what Joe Biden is DOING!! & We're helping Jon Ossoff & Rev Warnock Get Elected in Georgia so we have a chance at getting Biden's Progressive AGENDA PASSED.

What are they doing?

Mahalo, yours too, oasis!

We have such brilliant heavy hitters working for all of us.. I feel so much better.. like a 180 degrees!

Like this Grandma in PA. I feel her joy & relief!

Rt! I started crying hard immediately.. I

can feel her Joy & Relief!

Yes Save our Social Security.. she Gets IT!!!

Seriously? After how Fuckwad daddy

is threatening to not give any "vaccine to New Yorkers".. bc Gov Cuomo lobbed truth bombs on the blubbering incompetent Idiot>

Wow.. "DHS acting Sec..." does this

mean he wasn't confirmed by senate like Biden might have to do with his choices.. if mitch won't confirm any Dems like he threatened?

And, Chad has some nerve.. Also from DHS..

trump got Crushed.. how much did Biden win by?



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