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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 269,121

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yes! & I can't wait to find

out definitively about Arizona & Georgia!!

I went to school in Arizona & was married & conceived my first child there for crying out loud! lol!

And, Georgia On Mind! I love that state too.. just not the politics until Now!


Thank you for Allegheny County, kwolf!

& your post.. interesting to me.

My son was born in Philly many moons ago while we were on vacation so I'll always love Philly!

Freaking Marvelous! I haven't seen

any of this.. and it makes it even more real!
Ah Joe & Kamala did the like Barack & Michelle!!

TY question everything!!

Evidently they're dispersing..

They've threatened to "leave the USA and move to Hawaii", too.

I responded.. We are the USA & We're BLUE!

I like this Canadian guy.. he really lays it out well why magats aren't wanted in Canada.. "Don't even come here on your way to Alaska!" Rofl

Hey Wicked Blue..

I've never been to any website of his.. I should have mentioned that I copied that info out of Llewellyn's Daily Planetary Guide. That I've been getting every month for decades!


But I found this site for Jim Shawvan.. now I know what he looks like and he's based in San Diego.. I used to live there, too.


I was skeptical of astrology before 1981 when I got introduced to it by a friend. I bought a little astrology magazine and said if this doesn't work out I'm outta here. But I saw there was definitely a correlation between the stars, planets, and Earth... and I never looked back!

Of course he is. trump denied the COVID

Virus was real to the American people but admitted on tape that he knew it was deadly.

The pundits should study on that.

Hey Aloha, Hekate..

I've been celebrating on DU for 16 1/2 hours.. I think it's time I went to bed, too.

Glad you stopped to say on this most Glorious Day EVER!!

Excellent point! Biden/Kamala ran on "Building on Obamacare"..

he calls it that on his site talking about Health Care!


He's not shy about calling it that, either!

Yes, he's messed with Lady Liberty Enough already!

Rt.. Brilliant Tweet.. one of the most

Important things that will change drastically!

We don't have to worry about SS being wiped off the map, either or our ACA!
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