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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 269,121

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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But Joe Biden won the primary for

a reason. Because we Dems wanted the best candidate to beat the Traitor.

Joe Biden had a strong coalition.. I've read the Black Folks in Detroit came out and helped us win Michigan.. same in Atlanta Georgia! Mayor Bottoms must be so proud! She endorse Joe Early ON!

and look where we are.. today!

I heard him saying

on some clip.. maybe it was the Colbert one.. that he woke up and Biden was ahead after he was the night before.. and they were all states with Democratic Govs.. Big Whine!

Anyway if Biden officially gets Georgia that blows that accusation right out of the water.

And, he told us what he was going to do.. declare "victory" before all the votes were counted.

How's that working out for him?

I know how desperate she was to

"keep Arizona red" bc she & her usual suspect crew would me up to 200 texts and let me know.

Only they thought I was some guy named "Jerry" who never gave her money. I got "final warnings" & acknowledgement that I was being "bombarded" but they were still relentless!

All that energy wasted on the mythical "jerry".. and Arizona Went BLUE!! 💙

You're Very Curious.. like the rest of us!

I stayed up all Election night & Wednesday was Weird.. more refreshed today.

I know.. all the PTSD we have on so many levels is still lurking from 2016.. some from 2000, too.. bush Gore bush Gore.

This is excruciating but not nearly as painful.. so far anyway. not counting on anything until it gets Done.

I just watched Colbert's monologue and feel so much better.. it was brilliant and funny at the end!


That was Brilliant!! I laughed so hard

at the end.. and loved every minute of Steve's emotional plea for Justice.

So grateful he called out mitch, too.. the maggots must hate his show. lol

Thank You!

Rt.. Exactly, she.. I read about how the Black

Americans showed up for Biden in Detroit.

They saves our asses once again!

Cheers to Detroit & the Wonderful Black Americas who came out to vote for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris.

I have loved Detroit since the '60s when I visited my boyfriend there & listened to little Stevie Wonder on the radio!

Hey Molly.. We are the USA & WE'RE TOTALLY

BLUE.. you won't like it over here.. We're Diverse and actually Live ALOHA..

Not like trump maggots who preach & practice hate.. like you.

So save yourself a fucking ticket. BIDEN WON HAWAII!

BREAKING: Joe Biden wins Hawaii. #APracecall at 7:06 p.m. HST.

Rt.. Excellent from JT! TY!

Trump is a winner but you can't count the votes

Hawaii Democrat Kahele Wins to Succeed Gabbard in US House


I like it when they turn on each other.. lol

I have wondered why fox called Arizona for Biden so early.. not that I minded. It sure messed with the Troll's narrative about "winning".

Im sorry, Mishkin said, the president is not going to be able to take over and win enough votes to eliminate that seven-point lead that the former vice president has. Told the White House was convinced otherwise, he stood his ground: Im sorry were not wrong in this particular case. (You dont have to apologize, Baier told Mishkin.)
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