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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 269,199

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Exactly, Hekate.. I came back

bc we did have the BOG.. a private forum for PBO supporters ONLY.

I was a mod.. lol! I loved that BOG sanctuary from whatever. Mahalo to all our wonderful BOG MODS!

I remember Skinner commenting that he was sorry that all went down that way.. paraphrasing.

It is going to be better now.. we don't have to be sequestered in a JRBG!

"non voting" is Lazy & Self Centered.. letting everyone

else Fight Fascism.. while they sit home and pout.

Excellent points, Pat! Biden has a Broad

Coalition that BEAT BACK the FASCISTS!

We the Dem Party are so Grateful We were able to do that in a semi Fascist state that had Big FASCIST PLANS in 2021..

It's a Miracle.. they can't believe they lost. . I don't see anyone else doing that.

Aloha & Mahalo!

Hey Mystery Owl.. Joe Biden is PE &



TY.. trump is Gaslighting.. he NEVER put

"America First".. he was Putin's PUPPET

Looks like russia has thrown puppet boy under the proverbial bus NOW..

I'll Say! TY! Loser trump is fighting a Landslide.. Landslide WON!

That effort, one of the Trump campaign’s final gasps to usurp an election he lost by 74 Electoral College votes and more than 6 million votes nationally, has clearly failed.

TLP is DEAD ON! I Rt this yesterday.. Tweet!


That's Why So Many of Us Backed

Biden in the very Beginning... ".. he Wil Hit the Ground Running.. Before Day ONe"!!

And, Here We Are! TY!

After earlier stalling, here's the moment Republican Aaron Van Langevelde


Wow! Looks like it Shall be Good News for


This means if the Secretary of State has laid before the Board has all of the required returns from the county canvasses.

If the Board has all of the required returns, it has no discretion. It must certify the results.

TY, Nd
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