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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,345

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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It's Easy to Read #EricGarner's Final Words and Feel Like He's Speaking for Thousands.. :(

Dwayne David Paul @DwayneDavidPaul
This was #EricGarner and his life mattered. This was #EricGarner and his death matters
10:18 AM - 3 Dec 2014 7,931 Retweets 5,992 favorites

Brooke Jarvis @brookejarvis
It's easy to read #EricGarner's final words and feel like he's speaking for thousands
4:02 PM - 3 Dec 2014 7,967 Retweets 4,512 favorites

ميلات @EthioMelat25
Don't forget to turn your clocks back 100 years tonight 🕥🕒🕟 #ICantBreathe
3:03 PM - 3 Dec 2014 1,428 Retweets 755 favorites

MOre on what the the Two Americas Look Like..

Capt Ray Lewis-Philly.. "Police: End Open Season on Black Men"

AnonFatCat @AnonFatCat
RT @acsacollective: Captain Ray Lewis from Philadelphia in front of #Ferguson police department. #shutitdown
9:43 PM - 30 Nov 2014

This was #EricGarner and his life mattered and so does his death.. 6,387 RTs..

Dwayne David Paul @DwayneDavidPaul
This was #EricGarner and his life mattered. This was #EricGarner and his death matters.
10:18 AM - 3 Dec 2014 6,387 Retweets 4,438 favorites


"The Fundamental Danger of a Non-Indictment is Not More Riots, it is More Darren Wilsons."

Harry Siegel ✔ @harrysiegel
Brutal. Our front page tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/31JazbMJOW & our editorial http://nydn.us/1ygXDM4
4:01 PM - 3 Dec 2014 691 Retweets 276 favorites

Just a shutterbug. @LightLovePhoto
RT @mattdpearce: Absolutely scathing New York Times editorial on Eric Garner and the NYPD. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/12/04/opinion/new-inquiry-needed-on-eric-garners-death.html?referrer= 3:57 PM - 3 Dec 2014 46 Retweets 22 favorites


Jeb Boone @JebBoone
This is Eric Garner's family, now denied even a chance to seek justice in a criminal trial #BlackLivesMatter
10:15 AM - 3 Dec 2014 1,432 Retweets 456 favorites


"There will always be bitchy people sitting at their keyboards, seething with anger at their own..

lives, ready to take it out on you."

Perfect from Patti Davis! I commented at the link.

Mahalo again, ehrnst

I've been waiting to post this somewhere, mountain grammy..

ThisMagicalEarth @MagicalEarth Follow
BaDaBoom! After meeting w/Pres Obama at G20, Aussie PM Abbott decides that climate change needs attention after all http://www.theage.com.au/comment/abbott-decides-that-climate-change-thing-needs-a-dust-after-all-20141120-11qe4n.html

6:18 PM - 21 Nov 2014
Abbott decides that climate change thing needs a dust after all
At last the prime minister has changed gear and done what appears to be a neat U-turn on climate change.


"What are you fucking stupid?"

"Don't fuckin' tell me who my heroes are, you whiny cockhead." UPDATE: NFL will not discipline Rams

UPDATE: NFL will not discipline Rams players for pre-game Ferguson protest


mahalo Rude & meegbear

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