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Si se Puede! I was thinking of this last night when I saw an old postcard with that on

the front for President Obama

Gracias, rivers!

Good Afternoon, Boo~ #A lifetime of fighting for women

Thank you!

The DNC Didn’t Sabotage Bernie Sanders’ Campaign with a Delegate Conspiracy


Now, for the facts. For months it’s been widely known that Clinton has led Sanders in superdelegates. Granted, many Sanders supporters might not know that because most of the pro-Sanders pages and websites would likely never tell them that. But it’s been a well-known fact for many months.

For the record, a “superdelegate” is someone who’s free to support whoever they want regardless of how the primaries and caucuses go.

Fun fact: Tad Devine, a key Sanders advisor, is credited as the person who helped create the superdelegate system.

So, that in and of itself sort of nullifies the idiocy of this “conspiracy.” It’s rather ridiculous to claim a “conspiracy against Sanders” based upon a system that one of his top advisors created and defended.

Time for some more facts: When it comes to New Hampshire, Sanders won more state delegates (15) than Clinton (9) – just as he was supposed to. But because of the six superdelegates who support Clinton, she could end up with 15 as well (2 others are still undecided).


Thank you, Treant for inspiring me to find this..

Hillary was in Denmark, SC Hosting "Corridor of Opportunity", so she couldn't be @ the NOC forum

in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 12th.

On Friday, February 12, Hillary Clinton will be visiting Denmark, SC for a “Corridor of Opportunity” town hall to discuss the disparities facing South Carolinians and communities of color.

Clinton will outline her plans to build on President Obama’s agenda. Bamberg County is in the I-95 corridor, which includes the state’s poorest rural school districts.

Hillary Clinton has a long history of fighting for children and criminal justice reform in South Carolina. In the 1970s, Clinton came to South Carolina for the Children’s Defense Fund to help investigate the living conditions of teenagers held in adult jails.

The Children’s Defense Fund led the effort to separate these young people from adult prisons, including children in Bamberg County.

This event is open to the public.


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes a photograph with Jordan Daniels, 11, of Denmark, S.C., during a town hall meeting at Denmark Olar Elementary School Photo: AP/Jacquelyn Martin

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets District Superintendent Dr. Thelma Sojourner before speaking to voters in South Carolina a day after her debate with rival candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on in Denmark, South Carolina. Clinton is counting on strong support from the African American community in South Carolina to give her a win over Sanders in the upcoming primary on February 27. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty


Hillary Clinton unveils ‘economic revitalization plan’ during Denmark town hall

DENMARK — Hillary Clinton returned to South Carolina on Friday for a town hall in one of the state’s poorest counties where nearly one-third of the residents live in poverty.

More than 400 supporters enthusiastically welcomed the Democratic presidential candidate to Denmark-Olar Elementary School where she told them her policies would help create a level playing field.

She also targeted nomination rival Bernie Sanders, telling the largely black crowd she is better equipped to continue the policies of President Barack Obama than Sanders.

He has called the president weak, a disappointment, he tried to attract a candidate to actually run against the president when he was running for re-election,” Clinton said.

She added, “He does not support — as I do — building on the progress that the president has made.”

While at the school Clinton unveiled a $125 billion economic revitalization plan she said would target “America’s under-served communities.”



Very important event with the African American Community in "Bamberg County.. the I-95 corridor, which includes the state’s poorest rural school districts."

Not a good idea to try and disparage her for this.

Don't let them bamboozle you.. as President Obama has said many times on the campaign trail.

[font color=blue]Hillary's Group~Mahalo~[/font]

Beautiful, Boo!

Mahalo, you!

Mahalo, rivers.. yes that does make it doubly good!


Happy V-Day!

I thought it was going to be from you, MrWendel.. but this is good.

I wish more would have the critical thinking level of Laura Clawson.

No, she is not a natural Hillary supporter!

snip from your link//

Except … somehow Sanders has lost me on even that. I simultaneously want a more serious and nuanced class analysis—something deeper than the talking points, more flexibly targeted to specific questions rather than broad strokes—and more willingness to depart from the talking points, to acknowledge that sometimes you really can’t turn a question to your
subject of choice. When the time is right to talk about inequality, try to fit the statistics to the moment. When the time is wrong, at least pretend to notice. Clearly Sanders’ talking points are working for lots of people, and I don’t doubt his commitment on these issues, but the repetition has failed to give me anything new or interesting to hang onto
And beyond inequality, the repetition is a problem with how he talks about—or avoids talking about—other major issues, which he so often dismisses. A president has to be willing to take on issues they don’t necessarily care the most about, able to become an expert on anything, able to pivot and start to care. I need more than “trust me,” and I don’t see Sanders failing to give me that, I see him refusing to do so. That’s not confidence-inspiring.

Finally someone gets it who thought he was so great in the beginning!

Mahalo, Mr Wendel

Happy V Day!

The Las Vegas Sun Endores Hillary!

Why we support Clinton for the Democratic nomination


The Democrats heading to Nevada’s caucuses Saturday have a simpler task than their Republican counterparts three days later, thanks to having just two candidates — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Sen. and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

They share the same essential values and genuinely champion the middle class. The difference is that Sanders, the rebellious democratic socialist, would be going into battle outnumbered in pursuit of his domestic agenda and poorly equipped in foreign affairs. Clinton has established strengths and demonstrated successes in both arenas.

Powerful reasoning on all these points at the link..

On national security
On health care
On gun control
On the economy
On vision



So BS on fox "news" slamming Hillary for "wall street" Meanwhile back to realty.. The Las Vegas Sun was endorsing her!

Happy Valentine's Day! [font color=blue]Hillary's Group~Mahalo

"Show me in the Senate where he led some broad coalition to get something significant accomplished .

He is running to be the standard-bearer of the Democratic Party, although he just became a Democrat within the last year."

"Reed also criticized Sanders for claiming he would be a better president for women than Clinton".


Ya think.. omg I just saw this.. :(

Arthur Chu
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Ok here is another thing to add to the list of what not to say when doing "outreach" to black voters
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