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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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So Rachel's not a Dupe for Putin.. Good. Fascinating report, Benton.. thanks

for all your work on this.

Thanks, I'm putting all of these links in one post so I can add it to my Journal..

EU statement on Crimea

FACT SHEET: Ukraine-Related Sanctions (updated)

Russia's Eleven: Who Are the Officials the U.S. Has Sanctioned?

Londongrad Dealmakers Face Sanctions Hit After $180 Billion Boom


Russian Pol Snarks At 'Comrade' Obama After U.S. Slaps Him With Sanctions

Any more?

Thanks ProSense! Kicking for reading a little .. so much new

info today!

Interesting.. the comments under TPM don't seem to be "Dupes for Putin"

"Positively Palinesque tweets. I wonder if he can see Alaska from his house?"

"Nee-Ner, Nee-Ner, I know you are but what am I. Sounds like the Russian version of Joe who is Dumber."

"Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's deputy prime minister, is among the officials whose U.S. assets were frozen because of their support for Crimea's vote to break away from Ukraine and join with Russia. "

I'm not sure what he's snarking about. His assets were frozen yet he's on Twitter jabbing about what if other's don't have accounts?

Etc Etc Etc..

"OK, I've Had It With The Moral Posturing of Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden"..


"He did mockingly tweet this morning, "Has Snowden condemned the earthquake in LA yet?"

His point being, I suppose, that Greenwald and Snowden are not required to comment on all events. My point being that the LA earthquake has not enabled Snowden's actions."


Greenwald and Snowden don't stand up to scrutiny.. it's a good thing for them they have so many fans who don't give a shit what they say or do. Anti-America First.. and the rest of the world can do whatever the fuck it wants. "Moral Posturing", Indeed.

Kick.. EVangelist Franklin Graham: Putin is better on gay issues than Obama.

What took him? Greenwald thinks he slickest oiliest weasel on the block.

Talking Points Memo ✔ @TPM

To TPM, Greenwald quotes Chomsky—"My own concern is primarily the terror and violence carried out by my own state" http://bit.ly/PJ6LFU
Bobfr @Our4thEstate
@TPM Wonder how #Greenwald's FSB handlers will respond to him referring to Russia (aka CCCP 2.0) that way. #Crimea pic.twitter.com/Ivq3DtI8QV
9:31 AM - 17 Mar 2014
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Thanks for those Pesky Details of Putin's Attacks, PS..

The Fight for Democracy in Ukraine: A Conversation with Center UA’s Svitlana Zalischuk

BY Micah L. Sifry

“In the third and last part of our conversation, I asked Zalischuk about the referendum about to take place in Russian-occupied Crimea and the massive Russian troop presence across the border from eastern Ukraine. “Russian invaded Ukraine,” she said, mincing no words about Vladimir Putin’s actions in the wake of Yanukovych’s departure from office. “The referendum itself doesn’t mean anything,” she added, noting that the choice was between “yes and yes,” and didn’t give people a choice of maintaining the status quo. “You can’t conduct a democratic referendum when a whole country is invaded and controlled by the troops of a foreign country.”

This is not a conflict between Ukraine and Russia, she said, it’s a conflict between the civilized world and totalitarianism, one that undermines the whole architecture of the European and world community. I asked her about the idea that the democracy movement in Ukraine was mostly strongest in the western part of the country and not so much from the eastern half, where Yanukovych got the majority of votes. She said the picture was more complicated, because Yanukovych himself had campaigned in favor of stronger ties with Europe when he was running for president.”


Travel Guide To Moscow

"First of all, Russia has become very corrupt throughout the last few years. Vladimir Putin has now been in office for twelve years and over those twelve years he has eliminated most elections, monopolized major media, and destroyed the democratic political system. Everyday people are brutally arrested for starting and participating in anti-Putin protests, while some are even detained simply for being nearby. Clearly, Putin’s actions are those of a dictator, and he plans to stay in power as long as possible."


Readout of the President's Call with Putin..


"..But you did so while enjoying the protection of a KGB thug turned would-be czar."..

Something a lot of Snow fans would like to just pretend isn't happening..

"Yet the only time you even referred to your host country was when you suggested that the NSA amasses so much data that it overlooked a Russian warning about the elder of the brothers alleged to have bombed the Boston marathon."

“We might have caught them,” you told the SXSW audience.

At the very least, you might have noted that the NSA also missed Putin’s decision to send those first masked and unidentified soldiers into Crimea."

So pipsqueak is still pimping for Russia.. And, someone was scratching his head at "why so much Snowden hate?".. I do hate world class hypocrisy that fairly oozes from this libertarian asshole with a hearty sized god-complex.


"Among the questions tweeted to you at the conference was, "What are you doing in Russia now that the Crimea situation is escalating?"

But the folks running the event did not include it with the ones actually posed to you. You were instead asked questions such as, “What steps can an average person take now to ensure a more secure digital experience?”

You offered some sensible advice, then said, “You’ll be much safer.”

How safe do you think the Ukrainians are feeling?"

Yeah, Snowden has sooo much to say.. but not a gd peep about Russia's aggression.. that would have been rich if that question would have tweeted through.. Snowden would be like b b b b b b I dunno know

Mahalo Don.. Good Find!
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