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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,352

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Of course they do.. Gracias Arizona! Mahalo K!

Gracias to Delores Huerta and Tom Perez for campaigning for Hillary in Arizona!

Lol.. I got around.. this better be my last state. Yes, We're Rockin' It.. Rolling Stone..

Rolling Stone Endorses Hillary Clinton, The “Clear and Urgent Voice” That Should Be President

Hillary Clinton is the “clear and urgent voice” that should be president, Rolling Stone says in editorial by Editor and Publisher Jann S. Wenner.


Good for your granddaughter being a Hillary Supporter!

I'm participating in a Preference Poll on Saturday the 26th.. never have experienced this before.. you've heard of one, right?


Question: Why do you call it a Presidential Preference Poll and not a Caucus? •Answer: Because it’s not a caucus! The Poll has some similarities with other caucuses. The Democratic Party of Hawaii organizes and pays for the Poll. The Poll results will decide how Hawaii splits our 34 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The polls are conducted at the local level. But unlike a caucus, the voting in Hawaii is by secret ballot.


Mahalo for telling us your story, ism~ Beautiful..

"My husband says a honest and heartfelt apology, especially one that takes courage to make, in the face of adversity cleans your side of the street, the side we are responsible for. By Accepting that apology, that cleans the side of the street of the offended. Not making an apology when called for and not accepting it because of falsity make for filthy mental streets."

This is wonderful. I know Hillary's happy Presdient Obama helped bring about normal relations with


It rained in Cuba today..

The First Family visit la Catedral de La Habana

More pics from the President and his Famiy's first trip to Cuba!http://theobamadiary.com/2016/03/20/the-first-family-tours-old-havana/

Gracias Agschmid~

Damn, great white snark..

I remember when you wrote you wouldn't be around as much because you weren't feeling that well.. I thought of that every time I'd see you post or Rec one of our threads. Thinking maybe you were better.. I wish I would have written you and asked how you were. I'm so sad right now.. tears are just flowing.. it's such a beautiful farewell note you've written to all of us.

We're all special around here.. I would light up every time I saw your name and when you posted I would look forward to what you had to say.. what pearl and/or snark would be there. You're an excellent writer.

Thank you so much for being our DU friend and fellow President Obama and Hillary Supporter... I think we all treasure each other for the kindred spirit we feel, supporting such amazing leaders on a Democratic board, when we're in the minority.

Paul, I love your spirit and wish you and your loved ones Peace, Love, and Aloha~

for your service to our country and to your family members who waved the flag for the United Steel Workers!

Working our best to get Hillary elected now and she's doing her best to help with those important state/local elections you talked about..


Thank you so much for your sweet message of "Please take care of each other".

Aloha, Paul~

I wish so many others could be as observant as Sally Fields.

I saw a new Mustang today and I thought of that song.. Mustang Sally~

To me, he’s losing my respect because at first I had a great deal of respect for him and now I just see him being hungry for his own achievement against the things he was really fighting for and how important it is now to have at least one party that’s acting in a civil fashion,” Field said. “I don’t want to see him yelling at anybody, at her, oh God no, not at her. They’re talking about real issues and really important things, and I think he’s losing his decency in this.”

Thank you, Fla Dem!

Hey, that's right... she's the only Dem in the race and she's carrying for all the Dems down

ticket.. Hillary knows what it takes to things done in Washington!

Mahalo Walk away~

Yeah, he'd be a terrible president .. and not just for his rigidity, Surya... but that most

certainly doesn't help.

from you link..

The truth is that Bernie's stance on the Amber Alert was simply the latest in a political career filled with "principled" stances that did nothing but serve his own agenda. He has consistently voted against the Brady Bill because he felt the five-day federally mandated waiting period would be too long for Vermont residents. He voted against Ted Kennedy's comprehensive immigration bill because he didn't approve of the guest worker program which he felt would drive down wages for low-income workers. He voted against the second portion of the TARP funding which was used to help bail out the American automotive industry. He voted against President Bill Clinton's health care bill because it would cover 95% of the population rather than 100% through a single-payer system that Sanders was supporting. And he was even one of just 19 members of the House who voted against a bill that required rapists to identify their HIV status to their victims because he was concerned it might potentially force innocent people to undergo testing.


Lots of compelling info in the article.. Mahalo~
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