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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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lol bernie is flawless doncha know.. and any mention otherwise will be alerted and has been

hidden too many times. That's their admission right there that BS isn't as pure as they want the country to believe.

Hillary supporters who dared to post the reality of sanders had their OPs hidden and subsequently were place on suspension.. but, no more. Skinner stopped that little game right in its tracks.

Yeah, they think they're so good @ trying to shut people up but it's backfiring as things do with bad intentions.

"Meanwhile, the “clean candidate”’s team illegally broke into Clinton data, stole people’s private

information, and lied about it. And Team Sanders sending out fake union members to infiltrate meetings. And Sanders sending women to campaign on Tinder, forcing Tinder to chuck them out. Constantly working the referees. Claiming endorsements he never got. And trolling the internet with lies and smear attacks, so abusively that the Sanders campaign had to tell them publicly to tone it down."

Bernie Nuts are STILL gang-attacking John Lewis’ Facebook page and Twitter feed. John Lewis, the hero of the civil rights movement, arrested dozens of times, his skull fractured. And now at the age of 75 he is being savagely attacked for the terrible crime of not endorsing Bernie. They called him Uncle Tom. All because Lewis busted Sanders for lying about his record in the civil rights movement.

Recently Team Bernie was caught sending out mailers which imply that the American Legion was endorsing him. Even worse, the ad said “Veterans fought for us: Bernie fought for them.” Which is particularly shocking since, as head of the committee on veterans, Sanders blew off veteran complaints about the service they were getting (he also blew off fighting in Vietnam, by the way). Is anyone surprised that Legion was extremely pissed?

Sanders supporters banned from Tinder after campaigning on dating app


Stumping for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tinder is getting some women banned from the online dating app after sending campaign messages to prospective matches.

Two women - one from Iowa and the other from New Jersey - confirmed to Reuters on Friday that they received notices from Tinder in the previous 24 hours that their accounts were locked because they had been reported too many times for peppering men on the site with messages promoting Sanders' candidacy.


Mahalo Seabeyond!

Hillary Clinton is a True Blue Democrat..

CJS ‎‎@cselldin
#NotJustAnyWoman @HillaryClinton is our 💙True Blue💙Democrat! She is working hard for every vote. I'm so very proud
1:26 PM - 17 Mar 2016
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Hillary Clinton's Campaign Sharing Data/Funds with State Parties


The Clinton campaign now has deals in place with the Democratic parties in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas, among other states and Puerto Rico, to create "victory funds." Contributions to those funds will be divided between the respective state parties and Clinton's primary campaign war chest.

Clinton has stressed that she wants her campaign and candidacy to boost other Democrats all the way down the ticket. Helping channel donors' support for her into state parties is one way to leverage her fundraising power on behalf of other candidates—and to link the success of other Democrats to her own.

The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee announced a fundraising agreement in late August, making it possible for donors to give to her campaign and to the party's general election fund with one check. Clinton would only benefit from the money if she becomes the Democratic nominee

Nobody seems to be talking about this, but it seems like a BFD to me.
Clinton is using her superstar status and fundraising prowess to directly benefit the downticket races that we need to win to rebuild the Democratic party nationwide

She is the only candidate we have that is in the position to do this, and she's doing it.

Those are some blood red states that she's raising money for,

If this ends up a wave election, Clinton is positioning us to ride that wave, even if she is not the nominee.

That is her commitment to the Democratic Party.

MOre to read...

[font color=blue]Hillary's Group~Mahalo[/font]

Hillary is sharing her campaign donations to make sure we have a strong Democratic foundation all over America. Not just in it for herself. She knows what it takes to get bills and laws passed. Oh, and I'd be interested to know how much the other candidate has contributed to Dems?

Hillary Supporters Only.



I made a comment there.. it isn't showing up yet.. but this is what I said..

"So much of what you're saying it absolutely what I've seen from my AA cyber friends.

Thank you, Fiq. I'm pretty sure Hillary does not insult African Americans when they're not around, though.

As a Scotch Irish lass I can say BS throwing shade on President Obama was what turned me totally of his rhetoric.. He wanted Obama primaried in 2012 for disingenuous bullshite. Shows me his thinking isn't sound and he's proven that to be more than true ever since".

We are not impressed by Bernie’s lack of polish and quirky persona. Do you know why Barrack Obama is the president right now? It’s greatly because he played the political game masterfully. You know why he played the game masterfully? Because as a talented African American I’m sure that years prior someone let him know he had to be twice as good in order to get half as much as the Bernie’s of the world. In his case he is three times as good so he became a two term president, who again Bernie had the nerve to throw shade at. I could say the same for Hillary Clinton. When you aren’t a straight, white, male legislating in arguably the whitest state in the country, you might come across a situation where you need learn how to wear a decent suit, how to speak with more finesse, and avoid odd tics in your speaking presence just so you can be taken seriously. When you’re black or a woman you don’t have the privilege of being quirky if you want to be a leader. The fact that Bernie flaunts these obvious flaws as some type of endearing trait lets us know that he really doesn’t get it.

FanF******Tastic! I've had him on ignore since he called President Obama supporters ugly names

back in whatever year & it was allowed to stand.. and now finally he is Hoisted on his own Insulting PETARD.

Want to know how Happy I am?..

Mahalo for your, OP, Brave!

"Please" yourself.. that's what happened.. that and his decision to want the President Primaried in

2012 and continued dissing him ad nauseam.

Obama is just too popular for BS.. he is loved by many including our Country's African American Voters.. sanders took the wrong strategy going after an accomplished Democratic President and trying to demonize Hillary. Too bad he couldn't stick to facts.

We need some more. I could get use to this.

Hillary Clinton surges to clean sweep as the Donald Trump juggernaut is thrown a spanner

Clinton takes aim at Donald Trump in victory speech: 'Our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it'


Especially Ohio & Florida!

They said they would be and they will be busy, but it has to be done.. I dare say there will be a

few surprises in store for those who won't break the habit of abusing the system. There's always a few who don't think the rules apply to them.

Meanwhile back at the White House..


Skook: #NotJustAnyWoman~ Hillary's strong, tested, resilient.#ImWithHer, all the way~

Skook ‎‎@skookerG
#NotJustAnyWoman -- Hillary's strong, tested, resilient.#ImWithHer, all the way💪🏼
7:57 AM - 17 Mar 2016
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Hope all you Hilary's supporters had a wonderful St Paddy's Day~

[font color=blue]Hillary's Group~Mahalo[/font]

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