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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,352

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thank you for this, MADem! Look @ how Presidential Hillary looks...


Yes Every time. Once again, this is Hillary's Group for her supporters. thank you.

Nick Confessore
✔ ‎‎@nickconfessore
Clinton getting a good dry run tonight for a fall debate against a dismissive, mocking male candidate hitting her on trade and Wall Street.
3:49 PM - 6 Mar 2016
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✔ ‎‎@micnews

Every woman watching the #DemDebate cringed when Bernie shushed Hillary this way:
http://bit.ly/1R21KWO pic.twitter.com/sdse9H3ePC
3:53 PM - 6 Mar 2016
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Matt McDermott ‎‎@mattmfm
And that right there just defined the Bernie candidacy, and buried it.

Matt McDermott ‎‎@mattmfm
This is nearly Rick Lazio level of bad for Bernie Sanders. He needs a deep breath.
3:31 PM - 6 Mar 2016 Manhattan, NY, United States
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Amy Siskind ‎‎@Amy_Siskind
All night - feels like Sanders, @andersoncooper and @donlemon taking turns interrupting Hillary - rarely Sanders. So sexist!#DemDebate
4:40 PM - 6 Mar 2016
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No Hill supporter would go into the BS group and ask a question about Hillary like that.. it would be grounds for immediately blockage.. and I certainly wouldn't think of it.

Wow, check out your sig line, josh.. That's some fancy work..

And, Mahalo.. I appreciate it very much!

Wow.. I like the way you put that! Thanks book!

March 5: HRC: 244,688 (68.5%) Bernie: 112,955 (31.5) in total popular vote

Let's face it total turnout in the Nebraska and Kansas caucuses was only around 65,000 votes total, while in LA turnout was more than 300,000 and HRC won 71.1% of the vote. If you combine the votes of all three states HRC won the overall popular vote by nearly 69%.

I know what you mean, Rose.. and I love being a host of Hillary's Group.. talking

and supporting Hillary with all the cool kids!

Hillary Supporters!

Aloha Ranger & Mahalo! It's our Pleasure I'm sure. We all love Hillary and want to

all do as much as we can, in our own way, to help get her elected Madam POTUS!

We're so fortunate to have such kindred spirits and just beautiful souls who belong to our Group. Here is a list of our Hosts~

Little Star -
2 OKNancy -
3 hlthe2b -
4 sufrommich -
5 Cha
6 sheshe2
7 George II
8 William769

The intruders are another story.. we've seen what they're capable of.. and it ain't pretty. lol

Best Wishes for Hillary and her Team tomorrow!

Starting from Left:Jennifer Palmieri, Robby Mook, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and Huma Abedin


Yes, I do, too, treestar.. love your sig pc.. this is what the Obamas think of the


Meet the Press
✔ ‎‎@meetthepress
#SuperTuesday Democratic Primaries: Should the U.S. continue Pres. Obama's policies? #Decision2016
12:58 PM - 1 Mar 2016
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Omg, brer cat! Just what others have said, too. but, you did it yesterday.. right after the big

mega meta thread evidently piling on me for blocking the troll. Can you believe it!?!

Yes. But, as you say the hypocrisy is so deep that it should warrant immobility.

Thank you so much for proving our point that they do it and it's okay.. we do it and we're so mean it takes a mega thread to pile on.

Hillary's Group~:

Just want to give a big Aloha to you, stillone, and a Mahalo for trying to do the right thing

when the rules are being blatantly violated on DU..

Skinner (61,302 posts)
1. No, they shouldn't.

Groups are safe-havens for particular viewpoints. They are not safe-havens to trash-talk your fellow DUers


Si se Puede! Viva Chavez Viva Delores Huerta!

Gracias, Historic NY!
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