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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Hi she!

It's been alerted on several times.. It's really heartwarming to know how our DU buddies have our backs.

I'd like to invite them all over here to have a beer or whatever but I don't have the money like the person with the 190 recs accused me of on my thread where he got the infamous block.

Personally, you know me.. I do wear it as a badge of honor because I consider the source.

They block anyone in a hot NY second.. but, we're mean for doing the same thing in Hill's Group. Actually I'm glad it's all out in the open. Maybe they'll think twice about coming into our group. Ha! Not for one second do I believe that!

This.. "Why Democrats didn’t feel the Bern"

this has been my contention from the start..


But the Sanders challenge was doomed by a fatal flaw: Democrats aren’t as unhappy as he needed them to be


“Everybody says people are angry, but that’s not really the case,” said Frank Newport, the head of Gallup. Americans “are not going through their lives seething and kicking the cat.” The anger “is a very particular anger, and it varies depending on which party is in power,” Newport told me. “People filter a lot through who’s president.”


On the Republican side this year, anger at the Obama administration makes Donald Trump’s insurgency possible — just as in 2008, anger at the Bush administration’s Iraq blunder made possible Barack Obama’s challenge to Clinton. Sanders would likely have fared better this year if there were an incumbent Republican administration. But as a protest candidate, he’s campaigning against the existing order — and much of that order is a two-term Democratic president who is very popular among the Democrats Sanders needed to win.


This left Sanders in the position of sparking a “revolution,” as he put it, among a group that isn’t nearly as negative about the government as the overall electorate. And to campaign against the status quo he inevitably had to be critical of Obama — who enjoys the support of more than 85 percent of Democrats and more than 90 percent of African Americans.


But Obama isn’t just popular among black Democrats. He’s popular among all Democrats — and contentment with the guy in charge is a weak basis for a revolution."

Please read it all.. I put some of my favorite snips in but there's more~ https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-democrats-didnt-feel-the-bern/2016/03/01/f95c25f0-dff4-11e5-9c36-e1902f6b6571_story.html

ismnotwasm http://hillaryclintonsupporters.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6757


Hillary was the President's first choice for his SOS and they've had a well respected relationship since then.


[font color=blue]Hillary's Group~Mahalo~

Wow.. this is soooo beautiful, rivers.. every Hillary supporter on DU should see

your OP!

Thank you!

Top Vote Getter. I like that!

Trump 2,923,184 votes
Cruz 2,483,553 votes
Rubio 1,867,264 votes
Kasich 538,996 votes
Carson 489,588 votes

Hillary 3,534,665 votes
Sanders 2,264,165 votes

Mahalo NY!

Shorter Mook~ Game over.

I love that pic, rivers!


Starting from Left:Jennifer Palmieri, Robby Mook, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and Huma Abedin

Here's mine..

Meet the Press
✔ ‎‎@meetthepress
#SuperTuesday Democratic Primaries: Should the U.S. continue Pres. Obama's policies? #Decision2016
12:58 PM - 1 Mar 2016
28 28 Retweets 20 20 likes


LOL.. President Obama had a little somethin' somethin' to do with it..

Su, Thank You!

No, BS wrote the states off.. it's up to the candidate to make their case in all 50 states. Hillary

doesn't write them off

She takes nothing for granted, either.

It's too bad you're insulting voters in Massachusetts, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, TN, Georgia, Virginia, and American Samoa, Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina.. do please proceed though.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to an enthusiastic crowd at a rally in a film studio in Miami Tuesday.

Awesome pics of SOS Hillary and President Obama, she.. Thank you for this

inspiring, OP!

Great finds.. some pics I've never ever seen before!

Brilliant depiction of them having each other's backs!

Good Luck to us all on Super Tuesday! Hillary!

Happy Leap Day, she!

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