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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 256,001

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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JHC, Piers Morgan Said IT! Thank You, Sir!

Thanks Play~

"Do You Remember That?! That Was Some Funny Stuff".. President Obama laughs at the birthers..


Sabrina Johnson with The Baby Tamer in Chief~

President Obama reaches down to 6-month-old Sabina Johnson, from Beaumont, Texas, who was visiting the Oval Office with her uncle, Elbek Elibaev, for his Make-A-Wish visit at the White House, April 11, 2014 (Photo by Pete Souza)

More about Make-A-Wish Recipients..

Obama, Make-A-Wish Cellist Meet At White House

Photo of the day: POTUS listens to make-a-wish cellist Khari Joyner in Oval Office today


This isn't the first time Obama has made a wish come true. Back in October, he welcomed Janiya Penny, an 8-year-old girl suffering from sickle cell anemia and the president's "number one fan" to the White House.

Another White House snapshot from June 2011 captured Obama fist-pumping Make-A-Wish recipient Diego Diaz in the Oval Office, after reading a letter the young boy wrote to the president.


Make-A-Wish® grants the wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition in the United States and its territories, on average, every 38 minutes. We believe that a wish experience can be a game-changer. This one belief guides us. It inspires us to grant wishes that change the lives of the kids we serve.


hey beerandjesus.. Member of the Barack Obama Group here.. tridim

is absolutely right.. And, your throwing in the strawman Louie Gohmert in an attempt to divert from what he's saying is hogwash.

tridim was referring to the "popular poster" whose OP was so vulgarly insulting to the President and was subsequently used by rw sites as an example of "the President Losing DU" .. an OP so disgustingly vile the poster has since deleted it.. Why? Because he finally woke the fuck up? I have no idea.

But, yeah, we were standing up for the President.

"Not all BOGgers are assholes, not all BOGgers are assholes....." You keep mumbling that to yourself.. but, it's not members of the Barack Obama Group that are the "assholes".

"..All Democrats who aren't Barack Obama, that is.".. wow.. what an ignorant statement.. You really don't have a clue about those who support President Obama but you're knee jerk ready to throw out the insults.

That is really so nice that you "bear the BOG no ill will".. feeling so much better now.

That would have been an Excellent POint to

to have been made.

Thank you, Bernardo

This 1st paragraph really lays it all out there.. where the troubles began..

"No one would claim that the Affordable Care Act rollout has all gone according to plan. The troubles started in the summer of 2012, when the Supreme Court took an ax to one of the main pillars of Obamacare: expanding Medicaid to cover any American earning less than $16,000. The federal government, the court ruled, couldn't force the states to take funding to cover the working poor, leading nearly half of them to boycott the program out of partisan spite. Then, powerful GOP-governed states like Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania refused to set up their own insurance exchanges, foisting the responsibility onto the underfunded healthcare.gov – which failed catastrophically at launch. The Congressional Budget Office downsized its first-year private enrollment projection from 7 million to 6 million people – a bar even administration allies feared could be impossible to clear, leading House Speaker John Boehner to brand the president's signature legislation "a train wreck."

Course, boner declaring it a "trainwreck" put the kiss of death on its failure.. thanks boner.

Kochtopus is beyond an appropriate name for these insidious


Yeah, the good news is.. it's not stealth anymore.

thanks MindMover

My thought too, BG.. I was on that Jury..

It was Removed but I remember what it said since it was short and nasty..

It said "Barack Obama .. around these parts we call him Uncle Tom"

Not only did one vote to LEAVE but check out Freaking # 2.. I of course was Juror #1..

Barack Obama~


This post is disruptive, hurtful, rude, insensitive, over-the-top, or otherwise inappropriate.




You served on a randomly-selected Jury of DU members which reviewed this post. The review was completed at Fri Apr 4, 2014, 09:36 PM, and the Jury voted 6-1 to HIDE IT.

Juror #1 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: The OP might want to actually think about where the f*** he's posting the next time..
Juror #2 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: Maybe so, but that can't stand alone. Without some validation or context, that has to go.
Juror #3 voted to LEAVE IT ALONE
Explanation: No explanation given
Juror #4 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: You appear to have stumbled into the wrong parts. Bye.

Juror #5 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: Racist
Juror #6 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: No explanation given
Juror #7 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: No explanation given

Thank you very much for participating in our Jury system, and we hope you will be able to participate again in the future.

Freaking yeah.. this is it in a nightmare little nutshell.. thankz napkinz

Ah the Sweet Difference between our Democratic President and

fucking fascists.

thanks kpete
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