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Wow! Mahalo, musette!

I will share it.. Thank you~

FB from writer and publicist Leslie Hermelin:

You guys do remember why we all know the name Cantor Fitzgerald right? (They're the "corrupt" Wall Street folks who paid Obama to speak to this week). I do. I remember. As an American living in NYC when the towers came down I made a promise to Never Forget. I remember Cantor Fitzgerald was the firm that took the most losses of all Trade Center tenants 9/11 - the plane literally crashed into their floor.

I remember the heartbreaking interviews with their CEO that followed in the aftermath. He was late that day and one of the only ones who survived. He was late AND HE LIVED bc he was taking his son to his first day of kindergarten. Did you know he gave the victims families 25% of all profits for 5 years and covered their health insurance for 10? Did you know he still has nightmares. Yeah what a corporate asshole.

Seriously if you're mad Obama spoke to this team then fuck you forever. You're the asshole.

I don't just remember the name Cantor Fitzgerald bc they're in the news this week due to a bunch of faux progressives who can't think more complex thoughts than "WALL STREET BAD MUST KILL WALL STREET".

I remember their name because in the aftermath of these events as a nascent NYC resident (I moved here Aug 2000) this man speaking about his pain and the loss suffered in news interviews following is seared into my soul. I love that he paid Obama to bring his wisdom to the people who work for him. I love that he lived.

If you think this guy and Obama are the enemy and you define yourself as a liberal progressive you're a liar and a sham.

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President Obama is speaking @ Cantor Fitzgerald in Sepember, though.. I can see why anyone would think he had already spoken.. with all the faux outrage about it.

I do remember Cantor-Fitzgerald.. I was living in upper state NY at the time.

Nah, BS championed an "Aggressively Anti-Choice" candidate

over a Progressive Pro-Choice Candidate.. calling the Anti-Choice one a "progressive" but he wouldn't say the Pro-Choice, Jon Ossiff is a "progressive".


Well, he did step into it by his knee jerk reaction..

so many people are pushing back.


Yeah, knee jerk... he should have investigated a little further..

Why Obama SHOULD Make That Speech - And Take The Paycheck For It Too


Cantor Fitzgerald survived both losing the largest single number of employees (658) of any company with offices in the World Trade Center on 9/11 and they also survived the financial crisis because they were NOT engaging in the same reckless behavior as the other financial firms (like Lehman, AIG, et al).

Moreover, Cantor Fitzgerald has done a great deal of philanthropic work in honor of their lost employees. Along with keeping a promise to use 25% of ALL profits they earned for the next 5 years to provide money to each of the original 658 families, they also promised to cover the health insurance costs for those families for 10 years. On top of this, they have continued the legacy of those lost employees, by making charitable donations to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy and of a huge tornado, as well as other acts of kindness.

So Obama, now a PRIVATE CITIZEN, is giving a speech to a firm that survived a horrible tragedy that has impacted life in America in uncountable ways ever since, and who turned their pain into positive action by not only taking care of their own, but helping others as well. They have also recovered as a company, avoided the worst behaviors that led to the 2008 financial crisis (actually profiting in a year when so many larger investment firms folded — and hiring when thousands were being laid off), and continue to invest in smart ways (one current project involves connecting people with their own local “mom & pop” shops).

Basically, Obama is being paid to give a speech to the ONE company on Wall Street that no one should be criticizing. Oh, and by the way — he’s giving this speech at their annual healthcare conference… a subject that Obama cares deeply about — and will forever be associated with since his signature healthcare legislation has been dubbed “Obamacare”. It’s also an issue that Cantor Fitzgerald championed even while still reeling from the losses they suffered on 9/11, by promising to cover the health care of the families of their lost employees for 10 years!!




I wondered what this shit was about..

Mahalo for that, uponit.. normalizing trump again.

President Obama is giving a speech @ Cantor Fitzerald in September


All the knee jerkers needed to investigate further.. now they just look bad.


President Obama has earned the right to get paid for his


BS is the one who opened the worms..


Like clockwork, Bernie Sanders compares Obama getting paid for a speech

I don't give a shite what BS thinks of President Obama.

President Obama has earned his right to get paid for his work.



Thank you, D

Btw, Durham..

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