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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Nah, President Obama is doing fine.. it's those on the

sidelines snipping at him for getting paid to talk to Cantor-Fitzgerald in September about Health Care who aren't.


This is good.. thank you, Initech.. RESIST!


Oh and, AKamai... Apparently being progressive now means a priv citizen


BS is too divisive and one glaring example is.. he knee jerked on his "distasteful"

pronouncement on President Obama's talking to Cantor-Fitzgerald in September..

Why Obama SHOULD Make That Speech - And Take The Paycheck For It Too


Oh, and by the way — he’s giving this speech at their annual healthcare conference… a subject that Obama cares deeply about — and will forever be associated with since his signature healthcare legislation has been dubbed “Obamacare”. It’s also an issue that Cantor Fitzgerald championed even while still reeling from the losses they suffered on 9/11, by promising to cover the health care of the families of their lost employees for 10 years!!


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