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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,365

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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And, jill stein LIED her damn head off to get her

votes. Shameless LIAR.

Jill Stein: Swing-State Voters Should Still Vote for Me Even If It Means Donald Trump Gets Elected

Hasan called her out for:

•pretending she might win, despite polling at only 3-4%

•denying that a progressive should be more alarmed by Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton

•dismissing any personal responsibility to “get out of the way” of those working to stop Trump

•rejecting the advice of prominent fellow Green Noam Chomsky to swing-state Greens to vote against Trump by voting for Clinton

•immaturely insulting the man she asked to be her running mate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who now passionately urges voters to stand with Clinton, by suggesting he’s not acting on deeply held principles but rather that he’s someone who has “drunk the Kool-Aid.”


Oh Fuck off, Eric Lichtblau-GasLighter.. the Fucking White House

is beyond in crises and the Planet and America are paying the price.

Oh wow.. it captures his souless pos

Mahalo, highplains

What you mean "If"?

Funny I was thinking about this today..

LIARS in the White House
. yours is better, Heartstrings., catchier.


trump has no stamina.. he's a Lying wimpburger..

Thank you for the thread, ffr



Drop the mic..

“I imagine you feel that thirty seconds of jokes from a comedian is terrible treatment; that you feel unfairly bullied, that feel that you didn’t deserve to be personally attacked.”

“I imagine you feel like an innocent victim in all this.”

“Given the countless hours you’ve spent lying to the world and claiming Jesus while you’ve done it—I think you got off easy,” he concludes

Exactly.. it's an Oxymoron..

“I watch you every week as you repeatedly distort the truth,

as you attack journalists who come carrying facts. as you vilify politicians who oppose your employer’s malfeasance,

as you categorically defend his every vile statement, every personal attack, every nonsensical Tweet, every baseless firing, every legislative assault.”

“I watch your face contort with the unmistakable tells of a person who doesn’t believe a word they’re saying; one who’s sold their soul and is now hopelessly trapped in a lie about a lie about a lie.

I hope Michelle Wolf gets to read this..

Mahalo, Demovictory..

Anything they can do to fuck up Democracy.. what

better way than to pretend you're one of the stein RF and Lie about the Democrats. Like she did about Hillary.

Love the Hoarse Whisperer.. Mahalo, Sid!

Yeah, they saw what happened in the 2016 GE.
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