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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,365

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Oh yeah, Fake potus will

be so jealous he'll try to make Netflix and everyone suffer.

And, there's the brainwashed..

People are threatening to boycott Netflix after the Obamas signed a deal with the streaming service

Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have signed a deal with Netflix to produce original TV shows and movies, and the conservative backlash against the streaming service has already started.


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has also been critical of President Donald Trump in the past. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Hastings endorsed Hillary Clinton and said that "Trump would destroy much of what is great about America."


DWWGAA.. Reed Hastings was dead on.. like we all were who knew.

Gracias Erika Andiola


I absolutely love this!

Mahalo, miles!#Basta

Have you seen this?


Wow.. Mahalo for

all these vids-with the audio- on the Volcano, BP.

Yeah, I've just been watching it from the Vids on DU. So Thank You!!

Poor guy who got hit in the leg by flying lava.

Lava spatter hits Hawaii man, shatters his leg in first known injury from Kilauea volcano


"Since early May, the volcano has burned dozens of homes, forced people to flee, and shot up plumes of steam from its summit. Lava flows have increased, spattering molten rock that hit a man in a leg.

He was outside his home Saturday in a remote, rural region of Hawaii’s Big Island when the lava ‘‘hit him on the shin, and shattered everything from there down on his leg,’’ Janet Snyder, Hawaii County mayor’s spokeswoman, told the Hawaii News Now TV station."

And, this..

‘‘We have no way of knowing whether this is really the beginning or toward the end of this eruption,’’ said Tom Shea, a volcanologist at the University of Hawaii. ‘‘We’re kind of all right now in this world of uncertainty.’’


I'm so sick of seeing

"establishment" used as an insult. I love our Dems like John Lewis to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary's out there working it.. Supporting our Dems.. she's a fucking Team Player.. how about that?


"- Two weeks ago, the group's board of directors nixed Turner's attempt to install her personal..

political consultant and friend as her chief of staff, even though the person had no experience in political organizing and had praised President Donald Trump repeatedly and attacked immigrants on Fox News."

Say What?!
In a conference call two weeks ago, the board’s executive committee overruled Turner’s attempt to install her consultant and friend Tezlyn Figaro as the group’s chief of staff, according to people on the call. Not only had Turner sprung the decision on the board, but Figaro had no experience building a political organization.

Board members flagged Figaro’s frequent appearances on Fox News praising Trump. She has said on the network as recently as the end of April that the president’s critics mostly don’t like that he’s shaking up the system. And last year she said immigrants are “coming into the country and getting benefits that Americans do not get,” and getting away with crimes while African-Americans go to prison.

From your link..

Both fans and detractors of Sanders pin Our Revolution’s problems on Turner, the former Ohio state senator who became the group’s president and public face a year ago. Though some sources involved in Our Revolution said she’s been an effective spokesperson, several others told POLITICO they think she’s seeking to increase her profile and collect chits to run for president herself as the leader of the Sanders movement if the 76-year-old senator ultimately sits out 2020.

Mahalo, Heartstrings.. even without

the list.. we know what trump wants.

#16 Tweets fondly of a Dictator who is President for life.

I see nothing on your list, though.. that doesn't describe the Pervert and his doormats.



It's the US media that is to BLAME for this..

Mahalo, Heartstrings.. good list to have.


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