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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yeah, words to live by.

Wow.. thank you for getting that, scottie.

This is exactly what was said.. just not as clever as he thought.. If this were said about Elizabeth

Warren.. the whole place would want the person banned.. including me.

"Welcome to DU, Feel the Bern! And yes, it's a Cunning Stunt!

I say that to myself every day, over an over.

It can be a tongue twister

So? I've already talked about that here.. And, if you think "morally depraved" is the same as..

"Welcome to DU, Feel the Bern! And yes, it's a Cunning Stunt!

I say that to myself every day, over an over.

It can be a tongue twister

Then you don't know what a stupid, insulting misogynist slur is.. and as I was saying.. If it had been Elizabeth Warren.. nobody would want the person back including me.

"Yes I was pissed at her. I think she's learned a lot since Mark Penn was running her campaign

And, the IWR vote.. Things change.. people learn and grow or they're stagnant.

I have too.. wow, I was out of control! "Two Americas" didn't turn out so good, though.

I started liking her after she graciously conceded at the Dem Convention and then after President Obama appointed her as SOS.. she did a brilliant job. They put aside their differences and came together for the country and so did I. I can certainly change how I feel about people over the years. This isn't the first time.

I haven't exactly settled on a candidate yet but now I don't like the slimey posts about the Dem candidates. So I'm all for these positive Posts Agschmid is making about Hillary."


Oh, that's so beautiful.. Jennifer Hudson is such a wonderfully talented, caring woman!

It made me cry.. what an awesome message and video!! Wow

Thank you, William~

"And yes, it's a Cunning Stunt I say that to myself every day, over an over. It can be a tongue

twister".. Disgusting.. so "clever".


EarlG read it exactly right.

Thank you, JTFrog for the exact quotes.

Some how I just don't see Hillary's Supporters saying vile disgusting things about

Bernie that was said about Hillary. And, no one called "Bernie a racist".. that's a fantasy to play the victim card because they didn't like him being questioned on his kick off speech. Lots of African Americans and other persuasions spoke out on that and were dismissed. Not only dismissed but attempted to make them feel low for calling "Bernie a Racist!". Ridiculous.

Since then Joan Walsh has written about it..

"White progressives’ racial myopia: Why their colorblindness fails minorities — and the left"


"And, no, no one is calling anyone a racist, or accusing anyone of not taking issues of racial inequality seriously."


I was on that thread last night and could not believe it!.. but I was so grateful that a Bernie supporter was calling his other supporters out for it. They were so amusing themselves.. All fun and games until you get banned.

Mahalo William

I met her at a gathering in Herkimer,NY in the early part of the century..

She said "it's nice to see you again".. and I said "I've never met you but I watch you on tv"... lol, I was little nervous.. she said "Thank you!".. and I asked to take her picture. It's a great pic.

Mahalo Justin~

Yeah, 'cause "dissing Bernie" is bringing up facts and being against stupid disgusting

anti-Hillary crap.

Swear I'm not stalking you.. just like your posts here. Some what of a marvel. You are a Bernie Supporter but you stand up to his supporters who are giving him a bad name and have not one clue.

the member who got his "Clever" post Hidden "Refered" to it. he's doing more to hurt Bernie

and help Hillary than anyone on this board.

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